Unified World System: Physical Or Spiritual?

godA question I received: Why should people unite politically and create a unified world system, if the true alliance has to take place in people’s hearts. This is where the unity has to take place, and not in a new world order. Why not just unite the hearts and let each country stay the way it is?

My Answer: Kabbalah speaks about internal unity, rather than physical unity. It is the internal unity that determines humanity’s external form and institutions.

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  1. Majority of people the world over do not think for themselves, the look to others they believe to know more then they do. They may be government leaders, gods, or the guy down the street with a college degree. It is both spiritual an physical. You cannot have a unified world without bringing together other systems such as, goverment, religion, and others, there has to be a collaboration in all beliefs, physical and spirtual, if there is to ever be a unified world.

    “build it and they will come”

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