Childhood Disease Of Internet Communication

962.2Question: When people communicate on social networks, they lie to each other in order to seem better than they really are. On the other hand, they are more sincere than in direct contact. That is, when I look you into your eyes, it is harder for me to tell the truth. And when we have contact through the screen, it’s much easier.

What did we lose when we stopped communicating with each other physically and looking into each other’s eyes?

Answer: Direct communication requires some preparation, I would say, rising above oneself and being included in another person. And communication through the screen, if it is also incognito, is not communication, it is a one-sided expression of not even your thoughts and views, but of something you want to fill the screen with.

The problem is, that there is no limit for communication on the Internet in either quantity or quality. And this is why we have entered the area where we are completely degrading. We do not care what others think, what happens as a result of our involvement in the Internet connection. In sum, humanity dilutes itself with filth.

Question: How do you imagine virtual communities of the future?

Answer: Virtual communities of the future will outgrow this childhood disease and adopt clear, strict laws based on the need for the correct development of humanity. It will make people learn, and they will have the time, energy and resources for it.

People will begin to learn, based not just on the moral, but on the spiritual level, which they must achieve. This is how the entire Internet will develop.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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