The Giving Of The Torah or The Right To Be Human

226Question: What does it mean to live in a matrix called the Torah?

Answer: The Torah is a system for the realization of the thought of creation to delight the creature. The thought itself was already included in the initial intention. From this thought, the next step is to create a system in which various possible subsystems will evolve, that is, worlds, Partzufim, Sefirot, and then the soul divided into 600,000 souls.

This entire process flows in such a way that, from the opposition of light and vessel, the system produces the possibility to bring into existence a unique ability called self-awareness. Suddenly there appears a “somebody,” different from the Creator, opposite to Him, standing in opposition to Him and able to become His partner. This somebody reveals the upper force, the system, and adds to the whole of creation a unique element: personal involvement, that is, the freewill of this creature called Adam or man.

This entire system, the Torah, the process and all its laws, are all created only in order for such a creature to appear, who, from its own perspective, from concealment and separation, can begin the journey to freely participate in creation. We do not yet feel this unique and inherent element, free choice. Later, we will discover that it is through it that we build ourselves against the Creator and, on the other hand, we become like Him.

Here a special drama is played out between the union and opposition of the Creator and the created being, as if between a man and a woman.

Question: At what stage does this matrix, this system, allow the person to begin practical participation in its work?

Answer: With each one this happens differently, according to general and specific conditions. This depends on the function of a specific soul in the general system, on the root it came came, on the form of its existence, its connection with other parts, and their mutual interdependence.

For example, initially lighter souls have to engage in the process of correction, so that later coarser souls, such as our contemporaries, will be able to correct themselves. But they all have freewill, so when someone does not complete their correction, a delay occurs. The delay can either impact everyone or someone specific is affected in a particular way. The system is very dynamic and within it all are interconnected.

Even now we exist within the system. But, when does a person begin to participate consciously? The moment he begins to consciously work in a group.

Question: Is there a particular time that is more favorable for engaging a person to connect to the system?

Answer: There are continuous changes within the system and there are periods of time when there is more Light within it, adding a greater impact, more power, pouring energy into the entire system and especially into the souls. For the souls, this Light doesn’t come as inner Light, but rather as Surrounding Light. Because they can only be affected by the system to the degree of their similarity to it.

That is why there are times that are more or less auspicious, when the system is more or less activated. Obviously, this doesn’t happen according to this world’s calendar, but in relation to the inner workings of the system.

Holidays correspond to a particular activation from above that happens according to the system’s laws of development. There is a beginning to the process, its end, and a sequence of intermediary stages, which the collective soul must experience with respect to the three lines, right, left and middle, according to the unraveling chain of informational genes (Reshimot) and the relationships between the broken and the already corrected desires.

Within the system, there are many parameters from which it is possible to organize a system of a multitude of formulas in the form of a matrix and to solve it, conducting an analysis and synthesis of all that is occurring. This system periodically changes its activity with respect to us, and these special events, when Light intensifies or decreases, we call special days: celebrations or mourning.

The most important holiday, the most meaningful event, is the Giving of the Torah. During this time, a Light comes from above that we are able to sense and with its help, we can begin to correct ourselves and bring ourselves to similarity of form with the system. In other words, this is not an event that appears and disappears, but an opportunity to connect with the system, enter it, and begin to work together with it as partners.

That is why this holiday is so important to us. There is nothing more important than receiving the Torah, because from this exact moment, we have the right to call ourselves human, Adam, when we are in possession of the means by which we can resemble the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/24/17, Shamati

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