A Real Teacher

528.04Comment: You said that you teach students to ask questions correctly because by doing so you pass your matrix to them.

My Response: Otherwise, it is impossible. After all, a student is just an unformed desire; there is nothing else in him except for physical flesh. The teacher helps to form this desire correctly so that it becomes suitable for receiving the light.

A teacher is the one who helps you form or rather shape your vessel.

Question: You received a certain matrix from Rabash. How similar is it to the one you bring to your students? Or are they completely different?

Answer: This matrix is universal, it is one: similarity to the light, the quality of bestowal. Then each student customizes it for himself. I just teach him how to do it, I push him from one side, then from the other side: do it like this, do it like that, and like that.

Even students of an artist or musician still paint or play in their own way. If he is a Master with a capital “M,” he teaches them how to show their talent, peculiarity, and individuality. He does not impose his matrix on them in order to imprint himself in them. First, it is impossible. Second, then this is not a teacher but some kind of corporal in the army.

A teacher is one who helps the student develop individually.

Question: How does the process of individual development of the student happen? What exactly are you doing?

Answer: There is daily systematic work. We see that it takes years.

In the process of spiritual work, students are given some pleasant or unpleasant influences, perhaps a personal example—mostly negative and not positive—so that they see that I am also like that: I get tired, treat someone badly, or something else.

In short, the student must be left with freewill, a place for doubt, a place for reflection: why is it so and not so, is he right or wrong—both regarding the teacher and regarding himself. He must be taught to dare, to doubt, and to make mistakes.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Become a Guru?” 9/23/12

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