How To Work in Three Lines

232.08Question: You said that there are different ways of working in three lines. What did you mean?

Answer: Let’s say I am a father, husband, teacher, and citizen. In all my relationships, I must behave in the middle line: I relative to myself, relative to anything, and applied to anything like science, art, technology, economics, finance, my attitude to nature etc.

Any of our actions come from desire, and therefore all of them should optimally fit into the middle line when our egoism takes part in all actions, but is aimed at bestowal, love, and bringing the surrounding system into a balanced, kind, and calm state.

Today we are in absolute discord because a system of three lines or a system of integral interconnection is manifested between us, and we are not able to realize it on ourselves. Thus, we are the opposite of what nature shows us. It turns out that on our part there is no three-line behavior toward anything or anyone, not in our perception, in our actions, or in our thoughts. That is why we are in crisis in all our activities.

The middle line means that I direct all my good and bad qualities, thoughts, desires, and movements to a good relationship with everyone. This is the main thing that I pursue, because if I can achieve this and take such a course in my life, then I will make myself, humanity, and the world perfect, eternal, infinite, and good in all respects. Therefore, we study what the middle line is.

The wisdom of Kabbalah studies very deeply what is called the Masach de Hirik, which appears as a result of conjugation of Bina and Malchut, the second restriction (Tzimtzum Bet), and so on.

But the average person does not need it. We can only say to him: “Despite the fact that you are an egoist, no matter how much you wish everything for yourself, try to rise above this and take the state of others into account as well. If you can, imagine their state higher than yours. Try it! Can you do it, at least once, somehow? And at the same time consider how humanity would exist in such a state. That is all.

We are moving toward a state where people will need to understand this; otherwise, they will eat each other alive in the full sense of the word. Everything is inherent in a person, and this can come true if we do not begin to internally prepare ourselves for different relationships.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Work in Three Lines” 10/20/12

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