Manifestation of Spiritual Roots in the Form of Holidays

962.2Comment: In our world, there are manifestations of spiritual roots in the form of holidays or Sabbaths.

My Response: The special states that a person goes through as he attains stronger and stronger connection with others are called Moadim (Holidays). Moed is a temporary stop on the way, like a station or a waypoint, meaning a state in which you radically change your inclusion into the common system.

Comment: But the same Sabbath exists also in the corporeal world.

My Response: It does not mean anything. Was there no Saturday or other days of the week before Adam?! There were days and nights, but no one celebrated anything.

Comment: However, it seems that Saturday (Shabbat) is a specific day, even in corporeal perception.

My Response: This is just our psychology! If you are in spiritual ascent, then during the day you can experience all seasons and all days of the year.

During the holidays, we experience some feelings only because a large number of people are celebrating and they create a certain atmosphere and certain force around them, and that is a different matter. But it is not because such a state comes from somewhere above.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Days when miracles happen” 10/7/12

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