Answers To Your Questions, Part 219

laitman_598Question: How do you and how do the people of Israel relate to the announcement that information about the lost family tree of the 12 tribes of Israel has appeared that is in accord with verses 7:4, 7:5, 7:6, 7:7, and 7:8 of “The Revelations of Saint John the Divine”?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t deal with digging into the past. Instead, it engages with the future.

Question: I am studying the Hebrew language. They told us there that the names of the Creator are expressed in a distorted form out of humility toward Him. “Yod, Key, Vav, Key” instead of, “Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey”, “Shakai” instead of “Shaddai.” I don’t understand and don’t feel the kind of humility that is intended.

Answer: This is accepted. It gives more respect to the higher power.

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