Laitman_020The holiday of Purim is the happiest holiday, the best time for great mercies. Purim symbolizes our whole spiritual work.

All holidays are related to the correction of the shattered soul of Adam HaRishon, the first man, but only Purim signifies the completion of this process, the very last action, called Gmar Tikkun, the end of correction.

Then we remember all our egoistic desire to receive pleasure in its entire tremendous scope and understand that we cannot withstand it in any way. We are very weak. Even the righteous Mordechai sits on a rock in front of the king’s gate, a poor old man no one considers, while Haman rules the entire kingdom as the king’s right hand.

The Creator purposely crowns egoism to rule, as it is written, “I created the evil inclination.” And Pharaoh (egoism) is the king of the world in various roles and characters. Only when a person feels his very existence is threatened does he wake up. Who helps him wake up? Haman does by telling him, “Let’s destroy this root that could awaken, the desire to bestow or intention in order to bestow, at its basis. Why should we keep it? I’m the king!”

When we reach that height of the will to receive that wants to control everything with the intention in order to receive, then we will discover that the desire to receive is unchangeable matter, but the intention to receive is incorrect and we can control the desire to receive with the intention to bestow. Although the intention to bestow is against nature, very weak, against our consciousness, understanding, and nature itself, and in addition, the king, i.e., the Creator, doesn’t support it, nevertheless it’s still there. How is it possible to fight this? The intention to bestow is too weak, too tenuous, and delicate to stand up to Ahasuerus who supports Haman with the power of evil.

But there is a part of the desire to receive that is called “the Jews” (Yehudi) because this part possesses the potential force of unity. If a severe threat looms over them, they will unite. Even though this unity is forced upon them, elicited by the fear of destruction, it nonetheless draws to them the Light that reforms, the upper force. The upper force is awakened in King Ahasuerus who initially supported Haman, but after the Jews’ unity, he fully and happily supports Mordechai.

It all depends on that group, which is called in its potential, “the Jews” (the Hebrew word for “Jew” [Yehudi] comes from the word for “united” [yihudi]). Then, when they unite, first coercively then later willingly, they then have great strength first to control King Ahasuerus, and later they destroy Haman’s power, the whole evil inclination that could have easily destroyed them.

This was all done by their uniting and attracting a great force, which helped them unite even more, then by acting through the power of unity they subdued the power of separation, the power of Haman.

They do that in every degree and state because this is the correction, but in Purim it plays out as a miracle. Purim is about a very huge will to receive, in its 32 parts, which are impossible to correct directly. That is why it is considered a miracle, because we can correct 288 parts of the will to receive gradually over 125 degrees, but the stony heart joins all those corrections, but it doesn’t appear. Only in the final action does the stony heart surface and become corrected through 288 parts, and the 32 parts also enter the correction all at once. Then, the Light of the end of correction comes.

In Purim, we can see the entire process of correction: the exile, the liberation in all of its forms. That is why Purim begins with the reading of the chapter “Remember what Amalek did to you.” Intention for own benefit, called the evil inclination or Amalek, accompanies us the entire time, and it is precisely because of Amalek that we come to the Creator.

If not for this evil inclination, we never would have awakened to unity, would never have revealed our separation from the Creator, and would not have achieved similarity of form with Him. It is impossible to achieve adhesion without the help of this evil force that is working in the left line.

That is why we must remember what Amalek did to us. In every state, the Creator sends us help against Him, and this is a great help. We just need to know how to relate to these forces of nature correctly.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/18, Writing of Rabash, Article 21

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