The Rich Become Richer, But They Aren’t The Problem

Social stratification is increasing in the world. The rich continue to rapidly become richer and the poor become poorer.

According to recent data, last year, one percent of the world’s population accumulated about one-third of the world’s wealth. Is this bad? Within the framework of human egoism, this is normal and natural. It is not about billionaires. Like all of us, they too cannot sacrifice their nature (The Guardian).

Our egoism is bottomless and nothing is enough for it. It is good that today we still manage to keep it under control and squeeze out some funds for others. Nonetheless, the general tendency leads to a dead end.

After all, a rich person estimates his success not by billions, but by feeling. He does not feel that he is rich because others are richer than him or because he does not own everything and everyone yet.

Paradoxically, with fifty billion, he feels poorer than before. There is no limit. He gives huge sums to charitable causes precisely because money itself does not satisfy him. By the way, we would be exactly the same in his place.

On the other hand, even massive infusions into the Third World did not help radically change the situation. Hundreds of millions are still starving and most people are far from meeting their basic needs.

What should be done?

To begin with we need to understand the essence of the problem, its root. Evil is not in the concentration of the world’s wealth, but in the system itself, where people are unable to change because they do not want to hear that they need to change themselves.

We are faced with history’s challenge: the need to radically renew human nature and nurture a new quality of bestowal to our fellow human beings. Only this will make us equal, truly, honestly, reliably, and bloodlessly. This is not a “one size fits all” solution. Rather, it allows everyone to realize themselves by benefiting others.

Only in this will we all find our calling and happiness.

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