Scholarship Instead Of Welfare For Unemployment, Part 3

laitman_220Our time in history is distinct because now the ulcers that exist in the entire system are being revealed. And the problem is that humanity doesn’t know how to cure them. It is this specific cause that is shattering society.

One of its parts, especially the governing level, is interested in hiding these defects, as if they do not exist. Another part acknowledges that defects exist, but they are inevitable. And just a small part is ready to correct them.

In most recent times, evil is being revealed much more forcefully than before. The election of Donald Trump served as a litmus test demonstrating the defects of modern society. The dishonesty and corruption of mass media, the ruling parties, democracy, and liberalism became very clear.

But on the other hand, so far there is no alternative. And the main thing is that there is a lack of understanding of the fact that neither the right nor the left forces are able to govern, but only the middle line. The middle line must be higher than the other two. Both right and left are wrong, because both are egoists. We can’t say which of them is bad and which is good—they are both bad.

But if they unite and rise above their differences, above their egoism, covering all transgressions with love, then between them will be born a new world of the future. This world will appear as something midway between the left, which has already revealed all the defects of its liberal politics, and the right, who will begin to reveal them in Europe and in America now.

Attempts to institute guaranteed basic income without attaching mandatory integral education to it, will very quickly ignite huge problems in society. People will just go crazy about it.

A person feels very uncomfortable when his material life is not organized. On the animal level, he is built in such a way that he needs to exert energy, work, and earn his money for his bread. And if he does not work for his own food, it is very bad.

For example, look at the kind of upbringing the royal family of England gives their children. It would seem that a king’s son could simply do nothing. Nonetheless, he is sent to study on the same level as others. He cannot be left with nothing to do, he must work, he must study.

That is why simply giving welfare for poverty destroys the individual and brings on heavy consequences. But maybe this way of revealing evil will bring awareness of the need to adopt the program of integral education, which is offered by Kabbalah.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/16, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “What Is to Be Done?”

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