The Importance Of The Creator

294.1Question: How does one achieve a state of “There is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35) in order to make our work easier?

Answer: This is very simple. There must be a formal approach. Every time something happens with me, through systematic exercises I try to return to the thought that the Creator is doing all of this. This is done mechanically with the help of the friends in the group who remind each other about this.

Everyone tries to return to this by making notes on paper or on the cell phone. At one time, I wrote reminders on my hand because then there were no means of communication like there are today.

This is a long way that takes several years until you begin to feel how important the Creator is. That is why we are learning the concept of the “greatness of the Creator,” because if He is important to me, then I remember Him and I don’t forget. For example, my little child is important to me and so I think about him constantly, I remember him and want to do something for him. Importance determines everything.

So, it is necessary to think about this and talk with each other, even if just mechanically. Don’t worry about it seeming to be automatic. That doesn’t interest anyone, it doesn’t particularly concern anyone. In any case it works. Even when we are dealing with this automatically, without emotion, without desire, yet as it is said, “A penny and another penny combine to a great sum” (Baba Batra 9b).

The main thing is the importance. So, it is necessary to constantly bring up the Creator, talk about His being the first and the last, which is to say He both begins and locks in the entire chain of cause and effect where we are found.

On my part, I must constantly make efforts to determine that He is the only cause and try to discern Him behind everything that is happening. Suppose someone says something, I see something, I grasp something emotionally. It is all from Him.

I feel the Creator through some kind of intermediate system: people, events, nature, it doesn’t matter what it is. There is some kind of inhibition, a block in the connection that conveys the influence of the Creator to me. I must constantly aim toward Him. That is the most important thing!

When I tune in accordingly and try to feel that behind every phenomenon, every sensation, behind every thought of mine is the Creator (a thought is much more difficult to connect with the Creator and a sensation is much easier), and all this is correlated with Him, then in this measure I am already rebuilding the broken system, thereby bringing joy to the Creator, and beginning to work together with Him.

Here very serious, entirely new relationships begin to appear between me and the Creator.

So, the main thing about our connection is that He will suddenly become important to me. I remember how it began with me: The Creator suddenly began to be revealed behind everything, not just behind the group, not just in this world, not just with the friends, not just in positive or negative influences on me; rather, He was apparently found to be the origin of influence.

This is a very important point, and we must develop it. The moment you determine that the Creator is the origin of everything that is happening with you, you will begin to become stronger in it. So, every moment, in every event, thought and feeling, try to bring everything back to Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/13/19

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