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If You See Only Your Egoism…

laitman_942Question: How can we stay on the spiritual path when wherever we turn we see only our egoism?

Answer: You need to increase your work in the group and try to cancel your egoism toward each other. You have to show that you specifically are playing along with each other, envying one another, to constantly rise above yourself.

This can be realized only in the group until you start receiving help from above. You can do this very quickly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/9/18

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The Only Opportunity To Reveal The Creator

laitman_947Question: If everything inside and outside of me are parts of the system that controls me, then why precisely through the connection with the friends can I control myself and the system?

Answer: It is because they go together with you to search for this connection. Take any friends in the group and try to connect with them.

We all are different, no one orders particular friends for himself. Connect with those in the group.

We all are in a single system and are designed in advance to suit each other. Therefore, we are assembled this way from above. We have some spiritual potential within us. The upper light through its influence pulls us to the revelation of the Creator.

Question: Is it easier to feel this in the Kabbalistic environment?

Answer: It is not just easier. It is the only opportunity.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/18/18

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What Emotions Should We Fill The Group With?

laitman_944Question: Do you have a recommendation of what emotions we should fill the group with?

Answer: Only positive ones. Only with aspiration to the goal. You must set an example for the friends without even speaking about it. They should see by looking at you how much you aspire toward the goal, desire it. With that, you are doing a great service to them and yourself.

The inspiration that you emanate onto them comes back to you and pulls you forward. You multiply your aspiration to the goal 620 times.

If everyone conducted himself this way in the group, you would move forward like a rocket.

The whole science of Kabbalah, the revelation of the spiritual world and the Creator, the exit from our miserable and temporary existence into an eternal and perfect existence—everything is open to you. Take it, use it, and have great fortune in life!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/18/18

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All States In The Group Are Good

laitman_530Question: Quite often the initial feeling says one thing and then the mind kicks in and corrects the feeling. What should one listen to in the work for the Creator?

Answer: On the spiritual path, we are thrown from side to side, and we undergo all sorts of states: disappointment, delight, fulfillment, devastation, interaction with the friends and disconnection from them toward solitude, and so on.

It is necessary for a person to feel all of this. He deliberately undergoes such states, in order to choose the point of contact with the Creator from them. Most importantly, one should not remain in such states.

All states that we undergo in the group are good. They lead to spiritual development. Even if they seem to be half empty and unnecessary, it is not so. Therefore, try to devote as much time as possible to the connection between you and the friends.

For example, I teach every day, write tweets, answer questions, compose blog posts, etc. Because of this, I advance.

What is special in what I do? I answer the small questions of beginners and so on. Yet, through the connection with other souls, I help them rise and connect—precisely this is how each one of us develops.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian 11/25/18

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How Can We Use Our Individuality?

laitman_938.01Question: How can one use one’s individuality for the sake of a group and advancement?

Answer: When you begin working with a group you see how your qualities are clearly directed against the friends. There is nothing in you that can be correlated with them somehow.

You are completely different, distant from each other. You confront each other and hate each other. It is exactly here that you have an opportunity to connect with each other. So be it.

Question: How can a person verify that his perception of the group, friends, teacher, and Kabbalah are true if he does this from his uncorrected state?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. You work in relation to the group, so check yourself only regarding your friends. Do not worry, this is an established methodology. It comes from the very purpose of creation, from the connection between us. It cannot fail. In general, nothing in the world works, except for it.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian 11/18/18

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Domination Over Egoism

laitman_530Question: What does egoism feel when working in the ten?

Answer: Each one in the ten pushes back his egoism and aims toward the quality of bestowal and love for the other nine friends. This is called “the first nine Sefirot.” The tenth Sefira (egoism) goes down.

It turns out that we build a network between us that should be equal, through its qualities, to the Creator.

What does “equal to Him” mean? To the extent that I exit myself and rise in the ten by one or two units in connection with the friends, that is my spiritual level. To this degree I attain the Creator and reveal the lights of Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, and Yechida.

Question: At the same time, do I constantly push myself away from egoism without losing it in my sensation?

Answer: Yes. Depending on the level of egoism (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5), I attain the Creator, His force in the soul. The Creator is the light and the entire system in itself is a soul.

The more egoism, the more I rise above it; precisely contrary to the ego, I use it to connect with the friends, and to that extent I reveal the Creator. This is how the system is arranged. We must work together. The whole problem is in implementation because all of this is within us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/9/18

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How Can You Solve A Problem In The Ten?

laitman_942Question: How do we solve a problem if it was revealed that there is no unity in the ten and we cannot come to a common opinion?

Answer: There is no need to solve anything. You must continue working with each other and turning to the Creator. Let Him solve your problems. What can you solve by yourself? Which one of you is so clever? I don’t see anyone.

Only the Creator can solve all problems. He gives them, but it seems to you that their source is one of your friends. That’s not the case at all. The Creator is the source of all problems. It is written about this, “I am the first and I am the last.” Turn to Him.

Question: Should each friend appeal to Him individually or should we all do it together?

Answer: Together is better.

Suppose that some problem arises in the group. Do not discuss it too much, but simply together turn to the Creator so that He will solve it. And it’s even better if it does not matter to you whether He solves the problem or not. The important thing for you is that you can turn to Him above this problem.

If you treat this problem as a reason to turn to Him and through it to cling to Him tenaciously, you will see that the problem disappears. It arose only for this.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 2/11/19

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Big Soul – Big Efforts

laitman_571.08Baal HaSulam, “Letter 11”: I will also ask that you make great efforts in love of friends, to devise tactics that can increase the love among the friends and revoke the lust for bodily matters from among you, as this is what casts hate, and between those who give contentment to their Maker there shall be no hatred. Rather, there are much compassion and love between them.

We are participating in the correction of a broken vessel, a desire that once split into many broken parts. Now we have to connect them together, and as we join them, we begin to increasingly feel the Creator.

Each of us represents a single egoistic desire. Connection with anyone requires us to be altruistic, giving, yielding, possessing a quality of bestowal at least in some way. Such connection is called “love” because to do so I must  feel the desires of another and fulfill them, and that person should also relate to my needs and mutually fill them. Our desires are clearly directed toward the Creator. Therefore, I understand my friends’ aspirations, as does each of us.

The more we unite, the more the Creator will be revealed between us. Therefore, we have to constantly think about how to rise above ourselves so that the connection between us will be more important than a person’s connection with himself.

This is possible. We just need to think about the mutual connection, to read more. This is how the surrounding light’s influence grows on us, and I begin to understand that this has become very important to me.

Sometimes our efforts take months, even years. The higher a person’s soul (that is, his desire), the lower it fell after the breakage and became very coarse and heavy. A person with a bigger soul has a harder time connecting with others because in the broken state he is further away from correction. The heavier the soul, the worse it is in its uncorrected state, thus the better and higher than others it becomes when corrected.

Therefore, one can never despair. On the contrary, more effort should be applied. In general, the work in the ten, thinking of how to reach connection and reveal the Creator in it, all these thoughts and efforts attract the light and the light corrects us.

We have to apply as much effort as possible toward attempts to connect, toward thoughts on this topic, and then we will succeed. Especially now, when many of us are beginning to feel the need to connect and others feel the necessity of increasing the importance of the Creator in obtaining the desire to bestow, we approach a state where these actions become actual and real to us.

The extent to which a person is engaged in the group, even if, due to the heaviness of his soul, he is not easily influenced, he will still advance under the group’s influence. Therefore, we have to try to achieve full connection between us and the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 2/11/19

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Address The Creator Through The Group

laitman_236.02Question: What does it mean to be included in the group? Can a person check if he has succeeded in this?

Answer: Firstly, it depends on the frequency of his appeal to the group in order to connect everyone together and in this connection to reveal the Creator.

Secondly, does he turn to the Creator above all obstacles personally, from himself, or does he turn to the group and through the group address the Creator? These are different things.

At first, we address the Creator individually because it is much easier. Such exercises should be constant.

Later, they become more or less a habit, and by constantly remembering this, one as if automatically connects to the Creator and every second is a stop-start motion: “yes-no, no-yes.” If one constantly works in this pulsating rhythm, one becomes connected to the Creator through the group.

One ties oneself to the group, advances with it and helps others pull friends out of the “river’s current” (relative to the Light of Hassadim) or from the “dungeon” (relative to the Light of Hochma).
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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Between The Friends

laitman_962.5If I want to connect with a friend, I find I need the help of the Creator. The more I ask the Creator for help, the more I feel my dependence on Him. To the extent the Creator strengthens my connection with the friends, I establish a connection with the Creator, I begin to understand and feel Him. All this is revealed within my connection with my friends, within human relations, not in some abstract feeling of the Creator.

I feel the Creator, I appeal to Him because I need Him as a mediator standing between me and my friend. A I reveal different types of connection with a friend, I attribute it all to the Creator. Between me and my friend there is a difference of potentials, which the upper Light, the Creator, fills, like a current flowing between two poles.

In this form, I attain the Creator, that is, not Him, Himself but His actions, as it is written: “By Your actions, we know You. ” The Creator builds and ruins the relationships between us, breaks them, leading us through all possible states, through darkness and evil, making me cry and curse Him. But then comes insight, sensation, the Light comes, and I understand that one cannot exist without the other because “…the advantage of the Light from within the darkness” is revealed. As a result of all these states, I begin to attain the Creator. Although He is hiding, I begin to distinguish His presence judging by the difference between the states.1

The 613th commandment is love for the Creator. We can fulfill 612 commandments, but not the 613th. The last commandment comes from above.

The 612 commandments are the correction of the connection between the parts of the broken soul. 612 Lights glue and fix the shattered fragments of the vessel. The 613th commandment is an addition to the full, complete Kli—the Light of Yechida—coming from the Creator himself. We ourselves are not capable of any action regarding this commandment.

The spiritual commandment is love for one’s neighbor as for oneself. If we perform it, then we come to the love for the Creator. I do not neglect the physical commandments, but the main thing is to know what we want to achieve with this. For example, washing the hands means liberation from receiving after which our whole life should be only in bestowal.2

The Creator is between all the friends. Moreover, it is the feeling of a gap, of a distance between us—this is the feeling of the Creator. I look at a friend and see how different He is from me, what a discrepancy there is between us, what omissions—this is the Creator between us. And if we work correctly, we see that the Creator begins to unite us, as it is written: “A man and a woman, if they are rewarded, the Shechina [Divinity] is between them.”3

In Adam HaRishon before the shattering, there was no mutual inclusion of desires into each other. But after the shattering of the common soul, all its parts were mixed and penetrated into each other in an infinite number of variations, which allows a person to deeply understand and feel the Creator.

Prior to this, the sensation of the Creator by Adam was “circumcised,” as if in a small child. He did not have the tools to penetrate deep into the Creator. And due to the shattering and interpenetration of all parts that require working on their correction and asking for the help from the Creator, a man becomes acquainted with the inner world of the Creator and penetrates deep inside Him.

Before the shattering, Adam received the Light only into the body of the Partzuf at the level of Nefesh – Ruach. But thanks to the shattering, we can raise the reflected Light from the screen to the head (Peh de Rosh) upward, as if we are entering inside the Creator. And then the Light spreads from top to bottom to this height of the reflected Light, to the height of attaining the Creator, and we attain Him in ourselves. This determines the measure of our mutual inclusion, merging with the Creator: to the extent we attain the Creator in the head, to this extent we unite with Him through the body of the spiritual Partzuf.

And all this begins and ends in connection between the friends. This is our only goal, otherwise it will be not the goal of creation but some kind of surrogate. This determines our attitude to creation and shows whether we have the right to be called the last generation.4

The solution is only in connecting in the tens. Meanwhile, we cannot overcome the separation between us, our mutual rejection. We want to receive all the answers from our connection in the ten. Whatever happens in the world, I look into the ten and from there I get every answer. I arrange myself in this way and then I suddenly feel that there really is a system that can respond to any of my questions.

Everything that happens in the world and with me personally is a consequence of what is happening in the ten. This is an internal cause, which then causes all the consequences in my family, at work, and all over the world. It is only necessary to look inside the ten: to what extent are we united or do we lack unity—what happens in every corner of the world depends on, like a branch coming from the root.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/19, Writing of Baal HaSulam, Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot, item 64
1 Minute 47:55
2 minute 54:07
3 Minute 59:40
4 Minute 1:11:00
5 Minute 1:45:40

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