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The Group Is Salvation

laitman_530If I do not see any flaws in my friends, but only virtues, this is a sign that I have reached correction. First, I must go by faith above reason in order to consider friends absolutely corrected, despite the fact that I do not see them that way.

And then I understand that the inability to see them perfect is exactly what I have to fix. Friends are like a mirror in which I see all my qualities.

It follows that the group is salvation. After all, the most important thing in healing is the correct diagnosis. It is not without a reason that so much attention is now being paid to testing for coronavirus to determine whether a person has it or not.

And if the group helps me reveal my diseases, then it does the most important thing. After that, I can work with that same group, correcting my deficiencies. It is clearly seen that by coming closer to love of friends and connection, I correct myself and cure my egoism.

So you can go all the way from beginning to end, each time checking yourself against the group: How much do I criticize my friends, how dissatisfied am I with them, and how imperfect are they in my eyes?

When I see them perfect and standing in my heart, that would mean that I have corrected myself. It doesn’t matter what is outside of me. The whole calculation is only with myself: how deficient I am and how much I can correct myself. But this only applies to relationships in the Kabbalistic group. And except for that love for friends, in everything else we must behave as is customary among all the people in our world.

I want to see all friends equal and great, and I ask the Creator for this. I want to feel the friends as standing in my heart, merged and united like one body, one person, and I am standing with them. My heart holds them, embraces them, and is filled with them.

And if I master such an attitude to perfection, I will reveal that all this is one shared heart inside me and it is filled with the Creator, His love and bestowal. Thanks to this approach, I will begin to reveal the spiritual world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/30/20, Writings of Rabash, “Concerning the Importance of Friends”

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The Group Is An Accumulator Of Energy

Laitman_524.01Question: Let’s say a person has not found a group yet and is studying Kabbalah alone. How can he have descents? Is it some kind of rejection from the books, from the teacher?

Answer: Yes. He feels tiredness, rejection, and sees that he is not achieving anything. This is how the Creator pushes him forward so that he would continue his search even though he falls and is depressed. In principle, the current depressed state of the world suggests that humanity is receiving pushes from the Creator in order to get closer to Him.

Question: How can a person’s descent be manifested in the group?

Answer: In the group, he develops a positive force that moves him forward. This is the only method of advancement. After all, when you start connecting with the entire group, it pushes you forward, you develop the quality of bestowal, the quality of support, you connect with others and use their strength in order to be in constant movement.

Question: Does it mean that descent in the group is manifested in the fact that a person does not have enough energy or fuel to invest in the group?

Answer: Not just that. When you have the desire, where do you apply it? Also in the group.

Therefore, the group here is an accumulator: You give to it when you have extra energy, and you receive from it when you do not have enough energy.

Question: It turns out that there is some kind of bank of accumulated energy in the group. When a person is in ascent, he invests all his energy in the group and tries to make sure that everybody has the greatness of the Creator. And when he is in descent, he receives from the bank of accumulated energy and practically does not feel this descent. Is this so?

Answer: Yes, this is an oscillatory circuit, with the help of which we generate waves and receive them. If I invest in the group without thinking about myself as much as possible, then, in principle, these descents can last a few seconds. That is, they should be there but they are practically imperceptible.

The most important thing is to understand that if I am in the right group, in the right society, in my studies, then all this pulls me forward, supports me, absorbs my descents, turns them into ascents, compensates, and is smooth, and I go forward not on a bumpy road but on a more or less leveled road.

Of course, it should also have all sorts of changes, plus-minus, up-down, but not to such an extent as does a person who is not connected with Kabbalah.

Question: If a person does not feel the descents at all, what does it mean?

Answer: This means he is not working hard enough on himself.

Usually, beginners have such a period when they have not settled yet, have not entered the study. And then the descents begin and a lot of people leave the group, but after a while, they come back because there is nowhere else to go.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/27/19

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Let’s Start Living!

laitman_448.8The coronavirus is a medicine that cures our bad relationships. Is it worth crying that we cannot return to our previous lives? Eighty percent of our occupations and manufactured products were superfluous, not necessary for life. So why should we go back to the past?

We can all work four hours a day, or even fewer hours, and even not at all. Let the children spend more time in the family, not in someone else’s care.

Let’s start living now! We are grumbling on so much, as if at the end of our lives some big prize awaits us. Nothing awaits us there except death. So let’s enjoy this life every day: feel this world, the eternity of nature. Even while living in this world, we can feel eternal existence, spiritual life, the future world. It is said: “You will see your world in this life.”

The science of Kabbalah gives a person this opportunity, helps reveal eternal life. Instead, we live like animals and think only about how to snatch more for ourselves and to envy others. Let’s make our lives richer, not so meager.

I hope that humanity will see a remedy in this virus. And in fact, in Kabbalah it is written that this is not poison, but medicine.

We live in a time that is called the “end of days,” “the days of the Messiah,” in the Kabbalistic primary sources. We are called the last generation or the generation of Mashiach, and therefore, we must treat our mission, nature, and our time in a different way.

We must extract from nature positive forces that will develop us for mutual connection. It is necessary to create an integral connection between us on the human level, which will affect all inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature. Then we will feel the general integral force reigning throughout nature, called the Creator. This is the highest power of nature, the power of connection and unity. The power of Mashiach (Messiah). “Mashiach” means “pulling” (Moshech) us from egoism to unification.

When this force of nature pulls us out of our egoistic form and leads to unity, we reveal the whole reality: this world and the future world together. Such a time is called the era of the Mashiach, and I see that we are in this period.

Forty-five years ago when I just started studying Kabbalah, I heard from my teacher that the time of the Mashiach was coming. I did not believe it then, but now I see for myself that this is indeed so.
From a conversation with David Blumenfeld, 3/25/20

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The Union Of Stony Hearts

laitman_929The union of hearts is the feeling that we are in one heart: We understand each other, we feel, we have one goal, and there is only one force that controls us. But connection implies within itself an understanding of what disconnection means.

One does not exist without the other; opposites support each other. Two properties must exist together: the Creator and creation, the desire to enjoy and the desire to bestow. And then we feel one against the other.

However, one quality, only the desire to enjoy or only the desire to bestow, we are not able to notice. Therefore, we must feel two opposing qualities in our connection.

First of all, we must thank the Creator for the fact that on all continents, all the people all over the world are now in the same state. The Creator gives us both a spiritual and material state. This has never happened before. Our material world is beginning to connect with the spiritual world, and this is really the action of the Messiah pulling this world to the stage of the upper world.

Therefore, one must be more bound by hearts, intention, appeal to the Creator, and prayer. And so we will develop our common feeling. It all depends on the personal, small contribution of each one.

I have a heart of stone that does not feel anything, but I hear that friends feel each other, and therefore I strive for them. And the other is so eager, and the third, there are millions of us! You should not miss your chance, do not neglect what the Creator is giving us.

You will begin to see more and more, day by day, how our group is receiving a blessing from above, an ascent, an understanding, a connection with the Creator. The Creator fills the voids between us that are expanded by the virus, and opens up before us opportunities for spiritual advancement.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/20, Selected Highlights

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How Io Increase Sensitivity Between Friends?

laitman_942Question: How can we increase sensitivity between friends in the ten?

Answer: Only with the right interrelations because you and your friends are in ever-changing, very complex relationships.

Try to bring these states to the correct, mutual, and complete unification. Rise above your egoism, include your friends in your embrace, and help them despite all the problems (and the problems are interesting, permanent, and ruthless.) You will start from two mutually opposite states of absolute mutual separation, even hatred, and a state of love, attraction, and will build all kinds of bridges between yourselves.

A network of connections will gradually be interwoven from this, a spiritual vessel, then the Creator will appear.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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What To Do During A Spiritual Ascent?

laitman_934Question: Chaim Vital wrote that in order to ascend the spiritual worlds where you will feel the influence and the reality of the Creator, you need to completely remove all thoughts and imaginations that we receive from our animalistic nature. How can we properly conduct workshops during a spiritual ascent?

Answer: You do not need to conduct workshops during a spiritual ascent or during a spiritual descent. You must be connected to your ten as much as possible in both states. And there is nothing else to do. Be within your ten to the maximum, and you will succeed correctly.

Our methodology is very simple: you need to identify yourself in your connection with the rest of the ten. You will find a field between you and your friends there. It will turn into an understanding of the upper world, and the sensation of the Creator will appear in it. And so it will end: you, the group (field), and the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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Matzah Is Our First Bread Of Poverty

laitman_625.06We must constantly work on our egoism, push ourselves toward unity, and within it, toward connection with the Creator. If we cannot connect in the ten, we will not be able to connect with the Creator. Therefore, it is written, From the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.

Every time we try to connect, it is as if we knead our dough by mixing flour with water. While we are working on this dough, which is not yet ready for baking, it does not turn into chametz [leaven]. The main thing is to keep making efforts, then it will not turn into chametz. We can even work all day! The will to receive is not considered spoiled as long as we are working with it.

When I reach the correct state, that is, the correct connection, and I feel that I am ready to disregard everything for the sake of connecting with my friends, then within it I can connect with the Creator.

Thus, I exit the authority of Pharaoh to the authority of the Creator and see the entire ten as a means of pulling me out of slavery in Egypt and leading me to the authority of the Creator. The ten is in the middle between them, like an intermediate station.

From this, it is clear how important matzah [Passover bread] is; it is the central symbol of Passover, the festival of freedom, of exiting Egypt, from egoistic intention to bestowal, from the authority of Pharaoh to the authority of the Creator.

We cannot stop working on ourselves, on the connection in the group, pressing ourselves like dough until we are so mixed that the dough becomes absolutely homogeneous. There will be no flour or water left in it, but everything will merge into one.

After performing such compression on ourselves, such exercises, turning the ten into a single monolithic material, we will feel that we are ready to connect with the Creator. The Creator, with His external pressure, awakens us to such a connection. But the question is whether we as a group can awaken ourselves to knead our dough even faster and become a matzah.

Matzah means that a person is ready to enter into an argument with his egoism in order to connect with the group. He is ready to put pressure on himself to make a dough in which there is no flour or water separately but only a combination of both. Flour, that is, the will to receive, absorbed the water and became one single material with it.

The ten friends are so strongly integrated with each other in their yearning for the Creator that it does not matter what direction each had. We reach one direction, one understanding, one feeling that combines everything together. This is how we take the form of a matzah, the bread of poverty, that is, we are ready to be together without any distinction between us.

This is the preparation for leaving Egypt. We make a matzah from ourselves and bake it in Egypt. Matzah is the new character of the connected group.

Our will to receive is flour and the will to bestow, the light that shines upon us a little from above, is water. We pour this water into the flour and start working with it, kneading the dough to prepare it for baking.

This means that we need to get a little more understanding from the Creator about the qualities of bestowal and connection as much as we are able to understand it and can begin to implement it more and more in our as yet egoistic desire.

The most important is not how much personal desire for bestowal each one of us has, it is our common efforts. To the extent that we try to get into this desire for bestowal so that our flour takes on the qualities of water, to the extent that we want to combine the will to receive with the intention to bestow, we will advance.

If the connection in the group is the result of the common efforts of the entire ten, then we will attract the reforming light that will connect us. Every drop of water we get to bind another gram of flour into one dough, into one body, depends on our overall effort in the group.

If the dough becomes soft and homogeneous, that is, all our egoism, the entire individual form of everyone, has disappeared, then we are ready for baking, and we can make a matzah.

Matzah is called the bread of the poor because we bake it because of poverty, in the absence of strength, sensation, and understanding in the mind and in the heart. But then, with the help of this new form we have received, we can cross the border between the possessions of Pharaoh and the possessions of the Creator, free from the angel of death, our egoistic desire.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/20, “Pesach (Passover)”

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How Can A Corporeal Group Influence Spirituality?

laitman_942Question: How can an absolutely corporeal, physical group affect spirituality, my intention, and light?

Answer: A group is not a physical or corporeal substance. A group is a connection between people, which in itself is already spiritual if it is built on the property of bestowal.

If people strive for the property of bestowal, for mutual connection, so that the Creator is revealed between them, then this is not corporeal. We are going to complete spiritual actions together, to be in the likeness of the Creator, in the property of bestowal, and then we will feel the property of the Creator between us, we will reveal Him. Therefore, our aspirations and connections are not corporeal.

In principle, the idea is very simple. Moreover, we already understand how it should be and how to implement it. I hope that we will achieve this.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/16/20

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Jump Into The Group Like Into The Final Sea

laitman_595.01How can you continue to study if the feeling of fulfillment is lost? Continue without feeling! This is what the Creator shows me:“Can you do something without feeling or not? Ahh, so you can’t work without compensation; that is, you work for Pharaoh and not for Me? Then do not turn to Me, go to Pharaoh!”

We must try to get out of the kingdom of Pharaoh with the help of a group. Go inside the unity of friends so that they will drag you forward. Philosophize less and join the group, trustingly, like a child nullifying himself before adults. And then you will be able to grow correctly.

The exodus from Egypt is not an escape from one place to another, but an escape from selfish desire. Each of us comes out of our egoism and is included in the desire of the group. When I join the group, it means that I have left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea, Yam Suf (Final Sea).

Therefore, if you have studied for twenty years and now you can no longer continue, then you are directly in front of the Final Sea and you have no choice but to jump inside the group. It necessarily exists, even if no one feels it. And when you jump into this unity and clutch for your friends, it will be considered that you crossed the Final Sea.

It is very important to move from your individual desire to the general desire of the group. I do not see its true condition, the spiritual picture. Jumping inside, you will find that you have something to hold on to. But you are obliged to jump into this sea, and the moment you jump, you will find what to grab onto, like a baby clinging to his mother. This is called the exodus from Egypt, from our egoism, into the Sinai Desert.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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How To Get Ahead Of The Creator

laitman_528.03Question: Every day we are in a new sensation, and yesterday’s attainment becomes today’s knowledge. How can I reach the next state, something new I can work with before the Creator begins to push me?

Answer: Only through connection with friends. Then you develop a new Kli, a new desire to combine your common desires and thus move forward. You cannot advance simply by knowledge because the conventional study of materials gives practically nothing.

You need to act for the sake of connection between you, and then the Creator will influence you, your mutual connections. Thus, from connection with friends, you will come to connection with the Creator and begin to reveal Him. And if you do it alone, then you will not achieve anything.

This is written in thousands of Kabbalistic sources.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/16/20

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