See The Friends As Higher

laitman_527Question: Practically, how is it possible to try to ask for Light for the friends in a group of ten? Must I imagine them as miserable and try to transform them into being happy, or is it preferable to imagine them as uncorrected and ask for the Light of correction for them?

Answer: The right mutual relationships are shaped in a group when for me all of the friends in a group become exalted spiritual creatures, completely corrected people. I look at the friends through my ego so I see them negatively, with a multitude of deficiencies. If I were to correct myself, then I would see them as complete.

So I adhere to them and constantly try to work with them only for the purpose of bestowal. This is not because they need this, for in fact they are complete. Rather it is because if I try to help them with everything even though they don’t need any of this, because, after, all I am looking at them with my ego, then I will also advance towards them.

I must pray for them, ask for them, and follow them in everything, dissolving in what they say. First and foremost, this is a full nullification of myself in regard to the others. And it is completely unimportant who they are and what they are.

There were new students, small and limited with the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Yosi ben Kisma. But he saw their inner state and could humble himself in regard to them; he could feel them as being higher than himself. So he advanced forward. We must also do the same thing. We are not yet on the level of the great Rabbi Yosi, so it is much easier for us to do this.

But in no way should you allow any criticism! On the contrary, everything is done only to make it possible for me to make myself into the characteristic of bestowal. And then I will feel that the whole world was created for me.

We must concentrate only on this, so that with intellect and heart, with thoughts and desires to be with my group of ten, I try to create one thought and one desire in it, as one person with one heart. Try to reach a state like this and you will see what it carries within it.

You will begin to feel completely different characteristics and laws. This will be like a feeling from the start of a higher state, of the upper world. Switching the laws between us is correct; this is the spiritual world. Within it we begin to feel a completely different plane, a different dimension.

From the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14, Preparatory Lesson 2

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