Eternal Dependence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between being aware of the evil inclination and correcting it?

Answer: The will to receive is created by the Light and cannot change on its own. Outside of the Light, desire is “0,” it doesn’t exist! It is fully dependent on the Light’s influence over it.

There is nothing in all of creation except for the Light and desire created by it. Depending upon the Light’s affect over the will to receive that it created, the desire can range from “fully egoistic” to “fully altruistic.” It is all determined by the intensity of the Light’s affect on it. When we discuss the will to receive, we should mention what it is and that it’s fully defined by the Light.

It is similar to a chunk of metal which is resting under a magnet: All actions of this chunk are determined by the actions of the magnet. And we are always, for eternity, dependent upon the Light and its impact on us. And if it ceases to affect us, we will disappear!

When the Light fills the will to receive, it evokes delight in us. When the desire is empty, we suffer. When the Light withdraws from us (from the desire) almost completely, it makes us feel a lack of sensation of the Light as the source of our existence (concealment of the Creator).

When the Light approaches from its concealment, it makes us recognize the evil inclination or our egoism against its property of love and bestowal, even when we don’t yet feel it as such. When the Light’s proximity becomes greater yet, we experience it as awareness of egoism being unacceptable. In this state, the Creator (Light) becomes a guarantor in that a person will no longer employ his egoism. But if the Light withdraws, then a person will definitely fall into his natural egoism again.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how we can control the Light’s impact on us, and in this way quickly and easily bring ourselves to perfection, instead of advancing to it by means of experiencing evil on ourselves. In any scenario, we are eternally dependent upon the Light, which is great because it will certainly lead us to perfection.

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