Play Your Own Movie!

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalah tells us how to change our lives and ascend to a different level of existence. It’s not simply like discovering a new form of life on another planet, but it’s revealing an additional world! Our world will open up like a veil and behind it we will see a different world.

We didn’t know that the picture we see is just a screen upon which different sources of Light project a three-dimensional picture. But suddenly the invisible seam in the middle of the screen will start coming apart and we will see the forces that form this picture for us and cause it to move.

When people first saw an approaching train in a movie, they got scared and jumped out of their seats. They did not believe that this was possible. Similarly, we don’t understand that we are living inside a movie. Today there are laser shows that play pictures depicted in the air with a laser beam, where a laser is a kind of light. Likewise, the Light shows us a picture we see of ourselves and everyone else, which seems completely real to us. We feel and sense our existence because we are made of the same imaginary matter. That is why the picture of our world is very relative. In fact, it does not exist and the science of Kabbalah brings us to the realization of it.

Nature, Elokim, is gradually teaching us that we cannot control this picture. It’s as if the Creator tells us, “The movie I have put you in is getting worse and worse. Why? It’s in order to obligate you to reveal the forces standing behind the movie and to control them independently. So take control over this movie instead of me and play it yourself!” By starting to participate in playing this movie, we start to understand, feel, and attain the Creator.

From the program “Weekly Torah Portion” on 12/16/10

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