Review Of My Book In Croatian

Dr. Michael LaitmanAn excerpt from the review of my book Kabbalah Revealed in Croatian: “In this book, you will not find hidden mysticism, great magic, or the shallow blarney of new age literature adorned with the shades of consumerism and public recognition as in the case of the hit “The Secret.”

This book is not written to help the reader escape reality or be entertained. It doesn’t sugarcoat or sedate. Kabbalah Revealed explains basic Kabbalistic principles very concisely and effectively while leading us on the journey of the creation of the world and discovery of the purpose of life.

In a surprisingly perceptive, witty, and almost scientific fashion, Laitman sums up this great wisdom in a mere one hundred pages, while totally seizing our attention. He simultaneously reveals such intellectual openness that glues together all the pieces of one big picture puzzle that is uncovered for us in the end.

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