Establishing The Right Network Of Connections Between Us


What the Wisdom Is About

This question comes to the mind of every right-minded person. To properly address it, I will provide a reliable and lasting definition: This wisdom is no more and no less than a sequence of roots that hang down by way of cause and consequence, following fixed, determined laws that interweave into a single, exalted goal described as “the revelation of His Godliness to His creatures in this world.” (Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”)

Simply put, the wisdom of Kabbalah studies the ways a person can attain the sublime goal of becoming similar to the upper force. The main thing for us is to attain the state of the Creator, to have attributes similar to His. No more, no less! Can you imagine what fantastic levels of development this is about?! Indeed these are the assignments that the Creator gives us and we have to ascend to His level.

Consequently, the wisdom of Kabbalah explores the structure and the mutual connections of the multiple spiritual bodies: how they depend on each other, how they can be revealed in each other, etc. By clarifying and analyzing this dependence, we study and explore the attribute of bestowal, the attribute of love and thus study the attribute of the Creator Himself.

Indeed, if you take the body of a small animal, whose only task is to nourish itself so it may exist in this world long enough to procreate and carry on its species, you will find in it a complex structure of millions of fibers and tendons, as physiologists and anatomists have found, and there is much there that humans have yet to find. From the above, you can conclude the vast variety of issues and channels that need to connect in order to fashion and reveal that sublime goal.

From a person’s perspective the main thing is not to understand his attributes, his nature, to enter it, and to delve into it, but to study the connections between us, how we are connected to each other. It is because it is actually this network of connections that helps us reveal the Creator. So I don’t care about the character of my friends, about their internal attributes, and all the more so about their history or their lives, their family, etc. The only thing I care about is the network between us, which is the most important thing for me.

But in order to restore this network, we need to draw the upper light onto it and then the light will begin to influence it, to restore and to reconstruct it, to shape it correctly. This is how we will determine and identify the Creator.

The right network of good mutual connections between us in which we sustain each other is called the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 8/18/19

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