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Laitman_524_01Question: How can we acquire a sense of importance of spiritual advancement?

Answer: Spiritual growth means the following:

  1.     Acknowledgment that one doesn’t yet have a feeling of the importance of spiritual advancement.
  2.     Realization that one can control this process.
  3.     Understanding of the fact that the importance of the goal can only be acquired from external influences since all of us are complete egoists.
  4.     “External influence” means the impact of the surroundings, the group.
  5.     One attains proportionately to the degree of the importance of the goal that one strives to reach.
  6.     Return to the beginning (item 1),  i.e. to our realization of the deficiency of the importance of the goal.

Is there a solution to this problem?

There is only one thing that we can do in this respect: implement the property of jealousness to things that others have already achieved and of the goal that is important to them. What if nobody has a sense of importance of spiritual advancement? In this case, all we can do is purposefully light our friends’ hearts with false, imaginary importance of our spiritual growth.

This thought is not new, nor is it original since we all receive false, illusionary importance of life values, the goals we work for and aspire to from our surroundings. It is possible because these issues look very significant in the eyes of our surroundings. They will actually become really essential for us after we stop playing the game!

The same rule applies to spiritual advancement. Only on the path of spiritual development can we recognize and conscientiously organize the source that will become extremely important to us later. We are the ones who shape our surroundings and define the objects that are important to us.

So, we have to play roles and pretend in front of others. The better we play the role pretending that we already have understood the significance of the spiritual progress, the sooner we’ll transition from a state of spiritual indifference to spiritual concern.

In front of one’s friends, one has to play the role of a person who really cares about the world’s correction and who loves one’s friends. We have to play the roles of “internally burning people”. Our actual inner feelings do not matter at all. The vital thing is that we must play the role to the best of our ability.

Use all available remedies to demonstrate to your friends how important the group is to you, how much you care about it. Pretend that you are really “on fire.” If you behave this way, you’ll be able to kindle your friends’ hearts and your own heart will also be lit.

You can play this role in turns with your friends, but it’s much better if you play together, in front of everybody. I received several suggestions to invite professional actors. Remember the Kabbalist who was inspired by drunk musicians? However, I think it’s extra. We have to understand our nature and learn how to control it.

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