The Flight Path Into The Spiritual

Dr. Michael LaitmanI have a problem: I do not know how to advance toward the spiritual goal. I do not see it, and I cannot aim at it. This is why I constantly need to analyze to make sure that I do not deviate from the path. This is because even the slightest deviation in the beginning can lead to my inability to reach the goal, even if I continue going in the correct direction.

However, I will think that I am going in the true direction, and I will not even notice “having strayed from the path.” This is why it is best if I stop, check where I am, and maybe even go back. Then, it may be possible for me to continue correctly on my path.

However, which signs will help me determine and make sure that I am advancing in the needed direction, even though the goal is concealed from me?

After all, for instance, for a rocket to hit its target when it is launched, the course of its flight is calculated according to very complicated formulas taking different factors into consideration: wind, speed, earth rotation, and so on. However, at least, we know all these laws.

However, when speaking about the spiritual goal and rising to every new degree, we need to do the entire analysis in the beginning of the path while we do not understand anything yet, do not see the Creator, do not imagine the path, and who will tell me whether I am wrong?

This is why Kabbalists say that the correct formula for the attainment of the goal is “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” Besides that, it is necessary for all three of its components always to be equal; none can prevail over another. All of them need to be together, constantly tuned into the same point.

Israel is a person in the world who strives to come to the goal: straight to the Creator (in Hebrew, Isra (straight) and El (Creator). The Creator is a level of Bina, and Bina is the property of bestowal, Hafetz Hesed.


What is the Torah? It is the Light that Reforms. In other words, I always need to strive toward a certain correcting force that can influence me and correct me until I reach a state where Israel, Torah, and the Creator will become one.

The Creator is the root toward which we strive. He is our goal, the absolute, complete property of bestowal. In other words, when I correct myself completely in all of my desires, my correction will be called the Creator (HaKadosh Baruch Hu).

This is why, before I undertake anything—whether it is my thoughts, desires, or intention—I need to hold on to all three components within me every moment in order for them to be equal and give me the sensation of unity between them.

Then, I will walk correctly toward the goal.
From a Lesson on “Kabbalah for Beginners” 11/17/10

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