Darkness Will Shine Like The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Creator is called Bore (“come and see”). What does “come and see” mean? What does He want us to see?

Answer: When I was a student, I also asked Rabash, “What does a person see who attains the spiritual world?” He responded that if one were to gather all the pleasure that mankind has experienced over the course of its existence into one enormous pleasure, this will only be a tiny glow—that is, a tiny spark—in comparison to the pleasure that exists on the first spiritual degree.

Imagine that you are enjoying yourself like all of mankind in all the generations! This would be a kind of pleasure that we would not be able to even hold onto! This is why, when we attain the spiritual world, our desire acquires an intention for the sake of bestowal and we become able to hold onto the pleasure that is a billion times greater than the pleasure of this world.

Where does this pleasure come from? In order to convey my sensations, I was not able to find a better word than “harmony” or “balance,” or “a union of opposite properties and processes.” This gives us the sensation of perfection, the greatest pleasure.

It is written that “There is no greater joy than the resolution of doubts.” This is exactly what we feel. All the things that are considered to be opposite in our world begin to connect and complete each other in the spiritual world because one cannot exist without the other, like darkness and light.

In this way, the desire to receive pleasure and the Light begin to complete one another and work together through the screen.

As it is written, “Even darkness will not obscure [anything] from You, and the night will light up like day; as darkness so is the light.” Before the entrance into the spiritual world, we feel a great darkness that suddenly begins to shine like light, and this is the first, small sensation that comes from meeting it.

However, gradually, we will see how all the problems and suffering, failures and wrongdoings, suddenly begin to bring us satisfaction and understanding of their need and purpose.
Excerpt from the “Kabbalah for the Nation” Lecture 11.21.2010

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