Launch Your “Inner Collider”

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the purpose of creation? What are we living for? What is the purpose of life on earth? Mankind was interested in these questions at all times, but it especially concerns our generation, and even though we often hear about different forms of the existence of life in the universe, in reality, we see that we are alone.

We really are alone in this entire, enormous system of the universe, and we do not understand at all that we exist on earth in special conditions that made life possible, and this is a very complicated thing.

Just to originate the material form of life requires a collection of forces and a formation of conditions that enable its creation, not to mention the state that will be the origin of the development of life in the spiritual world.

All these things always have astonished the great human minds in all generations. How and why did it happen? What is the need in nature or the upper force that has created everything in this exact form?

Additionally, if not for the Kabbalists who actually have revealed the spiritual world and attained that exact point where life originated, we would not have known anything.

We know that the physicists who tested the collider in Switzerland wanted to attain the point of origin of the so-called “Big Bang.” In other words, they were trying to simulate the spark of light that burst into this world and brought with it all of the matter that has formed in this world following this burst.

However, Kabbalists already have gone beyond the limits of our world in their attainments, and they have completed the entire journey from the beginning of creation in the spiritual world to its final correction, and they have told us everything that happened there. We can find out about it from the Tree of Life by the Ari.

Kabbalists who have attained the spiritual world tell us that the upper force that made and created all of reality operated on the basis of a program and decision, and that all of that is called the “thought of creation.”

They explain to us that there is an Atzmuto (the essence of the Creator) of which we do not speak because we cannot attain Him. We only attain the actions that come from Him. They are called the “thought of creation,” a thought or program. This program goes through us and constantly manifests in us since we are its derived action.

On one hand, Kabbalists tell us that this program is directly carried out by us. However, on the other hand, we are not just parts regulated by it, but also can come to understand it, feel it, join it, and even participate in it, since that force unattainable by us wants us to become its partners.

This is why you launch your “inner collider,” which brings you directly to the beginning of the universe, and you return to the spiritual world through the beginning of the universe, and rise from the lowest spiritual world of Assiya to the worlds of Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, Adam Kadmon, and the world of Infinity. In addition, when you tune into the world of Infinity, you acquire infinite attainment, perception, and understanding outside of time and space.

We will be able to attain this only by uniting together as one man with one desire.
From the Lecture, “Kabbalah for the Nation” 11/16/10

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