One Person Brings The World To Either An Ascent Or A Descent

Dr. Michael LaitmanThose parts of “the created” by the Creator’s desire, that can awaken towards the spiritual, are called Israel. And those that are not yet able to awaken are called the “nations of the world.”

These parts exist within every person, in accordance with his desire. The wisdom of Kabbalah does not look at the bodies but only at a person’s desires.

Also, as soon as a person acquires the desire for the spiritual, he begins to be called Israel. But as soon as this desire disappears, fades, and begins to hide among his egoistic desires, he immediately begins to belong to the “nations of the world.” And this pertains to all of us.

The egoistic desire that is referred to as “nations of the world” also divides into two parts: “the righteous of the world” and “the beasts” (these want to hurt their neighbor), and the other ones achieve what they want, but not at another’s expense.

All the desires divide this way into these four groups:

  • Egoistic desires called the “nations of the world”: harmful and harmless
  • Desires that are inclined to “bestow,” which are called Israel: those devoted to bestowal and those that are not.

When one studies Kabbalah, he inclines the entire world towards the good, because he attracts the Upper Light with his studies, which causes the world of egoism to become kinder. But when one only studies the regular Torah (the open Torah), only the physical observance of the commandments, he worsens the suffering of the world (he inclines the world towards blame).

There is no state in between. This is why every person connected to the Torah must begin to study Kabbalah! Otherwise, he harms the world.

The Zohar tells us about this and Baal HaSulam explains the meaning of this.

The entire system is made in such way that when people only take care of the corporeal observance of the commandments without studying Kabbalah, they lead towards a state when all other parts of the soul, which do not pertain to spiritual work, but only the egoistic desire, gain a greater strength and feel more opportunities to realize their ego.

That is, these people, who only do the corporeal observance, evoke all the evil, which later becomes revealed in the other three parts of the soul.




And those souls that pertain to the three lower parts do not posses any freedom of will of whether to be good or bad. Only those who study the Torah have a choice: they can incline the world towards good or evil. And the highest group, which studies the “inner Torah,” or Kabbalah, have little choice if they do everything that depends on them!

The entire choice belongs to those who exclusively study the “external Torah”; this is the most problematic part. Everything depends on whether they will also begin to study Kabbalah, and to what extent.

Those who can study it but do not, absolutely harm the world. But those who study it, though not to their full ability, they benefit the world to a greater or lesser extent, but they do not harm it. This is a big difference!

If all the people who have some kind of connection to spirituality studied Kabbalah at least a little, there would be no evil in the world! There would be no crises, no problems. This is the key to success, nothing else needs correcting, not the banking system, nor ecology. And nothing else will save us from our misfortunes.

The only thing that will help is for all the people who are connected to the Torah to study specifically the inner Torah, instead of the external Torah, and then the entire world will come to goodness; all the people will only feel the desire to do good deeds.

This is the conclusion made in The Zohar and by all the Kabbalists of the following generations.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/10, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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