A Full-Time Job

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are the precise actions needed to attain unity and the property of bestowal?

Answer: Our only free action is to connect with the group, and the tighter, the better.

However, the physical actions are not unity. This needs to be an inner unity, “What am I doing this for?”

When trying to unite, I constantly need to keep turning to the Creator, “Help me attain unity!”

I drag Him with me to the lesson, the gathering of friends. I always want Him to be near me. I demand for the Creator to do this to me, and I do not let Him go for even a minute.

The upper force must carry out my request because this is what He, Himself, wants, just like an adult wants to create conditions for the development of a child. However, there is no worse condition than when a child does not want to develop, and this is our situation. We do not care for our state, but the Creator wants us always to keep demanding!

So, I need to know that my work is to connect with the group and find the spiritual world in this connection.

I do this work together with the Creator. I keep constantly pulling Him, as it is written, “Come unto Pharaoh.” I do not need anything but this!

So, what are we lacking? First, it is disappointment in our own abilities. Second, it is confidence that the Creator can help us. Third, it is asking Him to complete the action.

He always performs the action. This is why our work is called Avodat HaShem (the work of the Creator). What a paradox. I work, the effort is mine, but the work is called the Creator’s work. I only evoke it!

However, I need to work very hard in order to find out what exactly He needs to do. The Light does the action, but I need to be in the right place and say, “Act here!” He acts if I find the place.

Besides, it does not matter where I am and what I am doing, whether I am with the group, at the lesson, at home, at work, or traveling. I am always doing this. This is our practical work.
From the lesson 11/12/10, “Letter 57” Baal HaSulam 

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