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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should I try to distinguish in the events and people around me things like the right and left lines?

Answer: No, this only applies to inner work. Only when a person attains the forces of his soul and begins to work with them, does he begin to distinguish which of them apply to the right line, and which ones to the left, as it is written: “The left rejects, and the right adducts.” Those things that reject me from spirituality refer to the left line, and those things that attract me refer to the right line. I need to base my advancement on the two forces, otherwise what am I to rise above?

The left line is represented as Mount Sinai (hatred), and it determines the height of the steps on the ladder of spiritual ascent. My egoistic desire, the left foot, which rejects all the other people, gradually becomes revealed, step-by-step on this ladder, to the extent of my readiness to correct it with the force of the right line, the right foot, the property of bestowal. Thus I ascend the steps of (Jacob’s) ladder.

It is when I can classify my inner forces—whether they are for or against the connection between them—but I cannot classify the surrounding people or events.

You can say that according to the perception of reality, the entire world is within you because man is a small world; everything he sees outside of him is inside him. So why can he not regard his inner and outer parts the same way? Once you begin to perceive inside you the things that are outside of you, then you will add them either to the right or the left side!

But until then you can only work in relation to your friends, adding them to yourself as parts of your soul. If we want to be as one man with one heart, then our desire includes everyone, and it does not differentiate between you, me, and others, just like when one, two, or three drops of water merge to form one big drop.

When we have a common desire like that, we will be able to regard its inner structure the same way we regard the three lines.
From KabTV’s “Weekly Portion” 11/12/2010

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