Kabbalists About The Book of Zohar, Part 2

Studying The Book of Zohar for one hour brings about more results than studying a regular interpretation for a year.—”Kisle Melech,” Tikkun 43, Chapter 60

This is necessary today to protect us from evil because, where previous generations were closer to the Creator, our generation is distant from the Creator. Only Kabbalah can protect us.—Ya, Tzemach, “Preface to Etz Chaim

The prohibition on studying Kabbalah was in place only up to the year 5250. From then on, the prohibition was lifted and, on the contrary, there was a directive to study The Book of Zohar. From the year 5300 on, everyone was obliged to study Kabbalah. Since the Mashiach will come as a consequence, we have no right to postpone this.—”Ohr HamA,” Preface).

If we study The Book of Zohar with children from nine or ten years old, we would bring the salvation closer.—”Keilot Yakov,” Chapter “Sod

Deliverance will come only through the power of The Book of Zohar.—”Kise Eliyau,” Chapter 4.

Today, it is urgently necessary to become proficient in Kabbalah. The Book of Zohar is necessary to pave the path to salvation.—Rav Kook, “Orot,” 57.

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