How To Fill The Empty Void

933Question: An empty void is created when we reject our egoistic desires. How can we fill it?

Answer: I take this emptiness as a desire (Kli), which I took out of Egypt, out of my previous state. And this is called having great possessions because I develop an empty desire for the light, for the Creator.

Before entering Egypt we had a small desire to receive created by the Creator.

Then we entered Egypt.

During the seven years of satiation in Egypt, we developed those desires, and we started to feel that we could not fulfill them in any way. That is, the seven years of hunger began. The realization that we cannot correct those desires for fulfillment, for the light, forced us to flee from Egypt.

Now we rise to an even greater feeling of insignificance, of our inability to correct those desires. This is called Mount Sinai, stemming from the Hebrew word “hatred.”

Being on Mount Sinai, on the mountain of hatred, we can receive the upper light, but only on condition that we work together and keep the laws of mutual guarantee. Then we will receive the light of correction, called the Torah.

Then, with the help of the light, we can begin to correct our 613 egoistic desires until we reach the end of correction.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/24/19

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