Signs Of The Beginning Of The Correction

566.02Question: In Kabbalah, there are very important symbols such as hands, the mouth, and distance. Now, during the pandemic, it is necessary to wash one’s hands. According to Kabbalah, hands are the desire to receive. It is necessary to wear a mask so as not to spread the various nasty things that we say to each other. And, of course, distance is a restriction. Is there a connection between these things?

Answer: No. We are just starting to correct our attitudes toward each other involuntarily through all sorts of not very pleasant states, which will slowly, methodically teach us how to interact with each other correctly.

I hope that, gradually, humanity will come to this outcome. I would not like to see this as a blow of fate, correction through wars and all sorts of disasters. Although, this is not impossible.

Let us hope that, not only the virus, but all of nature, will teach us how to properly interact and come together in spite of our characters and qualities that cause egoistic rejection between people.

Question: Could we say that these are signs of how nature teaches us? I have to wash my hands, that is, I don’t get more than I should, from society, for my own sake. I must not slander, so we wear masks that make it difficult to speak and breathe. And, most importantly, everyone has to keep their distance. Aren’t these signs of the beginning of correction?

Answer: No. These Are acts of nature so they cannot be called corrections. Correction begins with the realization of our egoism.

We have not started working on our egoism yet. I hope that, in the near future, we will be able to explain this and people will begin to understand that the problem is only in our egoism.

The fact that you wash your hands and wear a mask, this, you do for yourself. When you do it for the sake of others above your egoism, put on a mask so as not to infect others, then the correction will begin.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/30/20

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