The Entire World Will Come Out Of Exile

248.03It is already clear to us that we are in a state of exile; it is called Pesach (Passover) because we need to pass through it (Pasach) in order to enter the spiritual world and come out of the state where we do not feel the Creator, which is exile. Previously, we did not feel that we are in exile at all and that we lack spirituality, bestowal, and love. We just wanted more of the usual corporeal benefits in life.

However, when we enter the exile, the need to reach connection and the quality of bestowal develops within us. We begin to recognize our egoism; we try to reveal the qualities that prevent us from exiting Egypt, and we get rid of them in order to come to spiritual qualities instead: to the land of Israel, to the intention to bestow.

This is the time when a person discovers his egoistic desire and decides that it is evil because it does not allow him to rise from this world in order to become closer to the Creator, to the force of bestowal and love. He begins to realize that in this life he lacks the feeling of the Creator.

These states are revealed in a person gradually, depending on his realization. Sometimes he associates himself with reception, then with bestowal; sometimes he seeks to unite with others, then move away from them. We need to go through all this and feel it in order to give importance to our relationships: to what extent we feel close to each other, that is, ready to exit Egypt, or separated, that is, in exile and far from redemption.

Or perhaps we have not even entered the exile yet because we do not feel that we are suffering from our separation.

We see the states that humanity is going through now: wars, hatred, consolidation, and confrontation between unification and rejection. This is how we live between hatred and love, and we must choose where we want to go. It is said that a person should see himself coming out of Egypt every day, that is, he should check his attitude regarding coming out of egoism, whether he is in Egypt or whether he is close to redemption.

It is impossible to exit Egypt before we connect or at least understand that it depends on our inner connection and that we all have one goal for which we live. If we manage to reach connection in our global Kabbalistic group, then it will spread to all of humanity.

We need to feel how much we are distanced from each other, but want to come closer and closer in order to feel ourselves in one common desire, in one intention and yearning, standing before one Creator who unites us. If we want to connect with the Creator, we must first connect with each other. It depends on our connection how much we can connect to our one, single root.

Until we finish this work, we will not be able to come out of exile. All of us need to connect with each other and with the Creator as soon as possible. Everyone should help others in this because we all depend on each other. To the extent of our inner rapprochement, we come closer to redemption. The difference between the word “redemption (Geula)” and “exile (Galut)” is only in one additional letter “Aleph” which symbolizes the name of the Creator (the first in the world).,

If we add only one condition to the exile, the presence of the Creator within our connection, who will illuminate and fill all the voids and severed ties between us, then we will reveal Him and attain the upper world—spirituality. This will be called the exodus from exile, from the lack of feeling the Creator to His revelation, from our separation to connection.

The connection between us is the Kli, and the fulfillment that is revealed in it is the Creator, the light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/23/22, “Pesach (Passover)”

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