Breaking Through The Shell Of Ignorance

559Question: Isn’t the current way of upbringing a theater of the absurd? We study a variety of subjects, the laws of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. And we are not taught who, for what, from where or why we are.

Answer: Obviously, and who can teach this? You can demand anything from teachers, but they weren’t taught this either. They don’t even know what to tell the children.

​​And children have a greater desire, a greater potential request than their parents. Who will tell them about it? After all, the parents also do not know anything about it; they are at a loss.

Parents today are unable to keep their child close to them. They can’t say anything. They have nothing to give! The child has such requests! Does anything change from the fact that the father knows higher mathematics or physics and the mother knows biology, gynecology or something else? Children don’t need this. They need to know the meaning of life!

But parents don’t know about it. Therefore, children look at them like they are dinosaurs living an animalistic life, doing household chores. “Well, go ahead. Just give me something to eat, you can’t fill me up with anything else anyway. Leave me alone!” That’s what a child demands from his parents. And he is right.

It’s the same at school. What can teachers give them if children have completely different demands? They don’t want knowledge in order to learn how to make money. First of all, they want to reach their I.

They unconsciously have such an inner need and feel that they cannot fill it, they kill themselves with drugs, parties, gatherings and even computer games in which they forget themselves, a different atmosphere that they create for themselves that helps them play.

They continue their childish game, because if you take an adult look at the world, this world is empty. It’s better to go back to the children’s community and stay there. This is what remains with them. Therefore they are immersed in computers, in something virtual, as disconnected from life as possible in order to deal less with the outside world.

Question: Does their internal request take on such negative external forms?

Answer: I don’t consider them negative. As a result, these requests will find their way out, their solution. They will break through the shell of misunderstanding, ignorance, and rejection, like an abscess. And people will find the answer that there is a method that allows you to see what you want.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Theater of the Absurd” 7/18/10

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