Generation Of Wealth

566.01Question: The current generation can be called the “Lady Gaga” generation. Of course this is a collective image, though many people know that there is in fact a shocking singer who is popular among the younger generation. The values ​​that Lady Gaga instills are fame, wealth, honor, freedom in this life, to be independent from anyone, and simply not to pay attention to others.

Why is it easier for parents today to place their children under the authority of such programming? They do not even notice what TV programs their child is watching, as long as they are not in the way.

Answer: Parents prefer to leave their children in the care of their environment, and what will be will be. This is our egoism. We do not want to engage with other people.

We don’t even feel our children as close as we should. A person has reached such a peak of egoistic development that he does not care; he sees that the child is sinking into bad actions and does nothing about it.

We know perfectly well what happens to children after 12 to 14 years of age. They start using drugs, participate in all kinds of “pajama parties,” arrange all kinds of orgies. But all this is around sex, which in general is natural, and around drugs, which have already become quite common.

As a result it is no longer considered something special. Here completely new relationships and new goals arise. After all, in order to stand out today, you have to be someone special in your animal manifestation.

And we cannot do anything; we have no one to turn to. In our evolutionary human development, we have lost the generation of parents.

Therefore parents are no longer parents. It is impossible to expect them to somehow be able to treat children correctly, to create the right environment around them, to demand that the state do this, since the head of state is occupied by people who have also been raised incorrectly.

Therefore our entire upbringing system is not concerned with upbringing, but only with education. A person goes to school in order to gain general knowledge. He is only assessed by his academic performance. True, they also give an assessment in discipline, but this is not taken into account by anyone.

The main thing emphasized is to succeed in the sciences, to provide for oneself in the future. But neither the schools, nor any other institution, not the house or what surrounds the child—the outside, television, the Internet—form a person out of him.

Unfortunately we cannot impose any demands on children or even on their parents because they are not in a position to do anything at all. We see this even from grandfathers and grandmothers, who, although they regret what is happening, are also rather passive. This lost state has been observed for at least fifty to sixty recent years.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Generation” 8/24/09

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