How Can We Feel The Creator Loves Us?

565.01Question: Is love for the Creator and the feeling of His greatness and importance one and the same?

Answer: No. The feeling of greatness and importance is the feeling of the Creator. Love is your attitude to Him; not His attitude to you or how you perceive Him, but how you react to it.

Question: Initially, it is said that the Creator loves us. How is His love for us manifested?

Answer: It is not manifested in anything. It depends on a person, on how he reveals his connection with the force that defines him, feels, animates, controls, and leads him.

In the measure of your attitude to the Creator, you can feel His attitude to you. If you love Him, you will feel that He loves you.

Question: Sometimes, when something good happens in life, it seems that some upper force loves you, helps you. Or is it not this?

Answer: It may happen, but this is not what we should come to. We must achieve love for the Creator in all His manifestations and make sure that they are all the absolute good for us, even if they once seemed negative to us. This, as the sages write, is absolute love.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/14/21

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