The World Of Roots And The World Of Consequences

712.03Remark: The form of corporeal reality is similar to the spiritual one. The difference is only in the quality of the material. There is no detail in our reality that would not have a root in the upper world.

In other words, our world is the world of consequences and the spiritual world, or the world of forces, is the world of roots, i.e., root causes.

My Reply: Everything is very simple. There are reasons and there are consequences. The cause is the upper world, and the effect is our world. Depending on this, we can define them like that.

Question: You said that in the spiritual worlds there are such phenomena that have no consequences in our world. There is a wider range of various sensations there and are not all of them materialized in our world?

Answer: Yes. What do the spiritual world and our world mean? The spiritual world is what is felt in our desires that are corrected into bestowal, into love for others. Our world is what is felt in our uncorrected, selfish desires.

Naturally, there is a difference in sensations because both worlds, their boundaries, calibration, and everything else, are determined only relative to a person. Therefore, we can talk either about what is felt by an ordinary person in our world, not corrected in his egoism, or by a person who has already risen above his egoism and feels what is happening in the intention for bestowal or love for the neighbor.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/10/19

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