Let’s Open Our Eyes!

laitman_278.03Question: How can you call this virus good with a straight face and say that it should be hugged, kissed, and welcomed when in Italy more than 720 people died from this virus in one day. Are ethics and empathy foreign to a Kabbalist?

Answer: What would change if I cry? I have seen a lot of things in my lifetime in all sorts of debates and bickering. All my life I have been struggling with rigidness, hatred, and misunderstanding.

Let us say that some wave comes that cuts people’s lives short. Naturally, we cannot be happy about this. But on the other hand, we must look for the rational seed in this, because nature is a closed system that does not do anything in vain as narrow-minded people think. Everything happens exactly according to the decision of the system itself, which restores itself and moves from state to state.

If the system needs to wipe out a couple of millions of people, it does it. And this is its cure. That I might be among this couple of millions—so I will be. What can I do? I will anyway.

Therefore, do not relate to what is happening like a small child. Relate to this from the point of view of the global nature. If it has to cleanse itself in such a way, it will cleanse on any level: still, vegetative, animate, and human as well.

I am not ignoring such questions; I am trying to explain how to correctly perceive an occurring situation. The easiest thing to do is to close your eyes and cry like a small child so as not to see evil. To open your eyes and look at this correctly, as an adult, is very difficult.
Form KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/22/20

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