See How I Will Make Myself A Man!

Laitman_138Yesterday, we opened our souls to each other and felt together in one heart. And this morning, no one feels any connection with friends in the higher ten any longer, feels no need for the science of Kabbalah, the Creator, unity, and the spiritual path, and wants only to sleep like an animal.

Now I need to accept by faith above reason that I received this state from the Creator; there is none else besides Him. It is only the Creator playing with me, sending me all kinds of states, and now He has made me feel like an animal.

Moreover, the animal state is the best of all because it is from it that we need to rise to the degree of man. And if now I am on the stage of an animal it is a sign that I have finished working on my previous state and corrected it. Now I am falling into the state of an animal in order to raise myself again to the step of a person with new qualities.

Therefore I rejoice that I became an animal because now I am starting work anew at a new level. And so penny by penny accumulates a large sum. Therefore, I start the day in a good mood, full of strength, and declare to the whole world: “Watch how I the animal will make myself a man!”
From a Kabbalah Lesson 5/9/20

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