New Life #516 – The Wisdom Of Kabbalah: God And I, Part 2

New Life #516 – God And I, Part B
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Everything we feel is not necessarily true and there is no guarantee that it is the same on the outside. If we had different attributes, we would feel a different reality.


There may be whole worlds we don’t perceive around us. It is the same with regard to God; if we perceive Him, we perceive Him only in our own attributes.

A dog can feel according to his sense of smell and a snake feels according to heat and cold. If we want to feel the world like they do, we need a similar sense. This means that everything is perceived according to our senses and our attributes.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us which attributes we should build inside us in order to feel God. The attributes of the upper force are good and benevolent, bestowal, love, and giving—ready to give everything to everyone. We on the other hand, have an opposite nature, we incessantly want to receive from everyone and we want to receive something new at every given moment.

This is the reason that God and we are not on the same frequency, in the same world. God develops us so that we will discover Him. He is the one force that manages and organizes everything in reality and He develops us until we want to discover Him.

Nothing exists but God and me, but I don’t have the sense to feel that at the moment. When a strong passion to discover God awakens in me, He leads me to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

I have to tell myself in every situation that there is none else besides Him so that I will be able to hold on to something. Only He is before me. And what if I feel angry at Him? He doesn’t mind… as long as I relate to Him.

At any given moment in life, I have to try and discern two things: that there is none else besides Him and that He is good and benevolent. If you feel that He does you harm, it is because your attributes are evil. After all, only good stems from Him. It is like parents who want to develop their child, and buy him educational activities, but he refuses to study.

I have to build the attribute of bestowal that is just like His inside me, and then I will feel that there is none else besides Him and that He is good and benevolent. The whole world is like an envelope that is presented to me as I perceive it only in order to enable me to upgrade my attributes. I recommend that you forget what I have said here so as not to get confused, and listen to the whole program.

To sum up, find a teacher and a group that engages in the wisdom of Kabbalah and learn how to adjust yourself to God.
From KabTV’s “New Life #516 – God And I, Part B,” 2/5/15

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  1. if it is giving force and we are receiving it doesnt mean we are opposite does it? it means we are giving in respect to it?

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