Israel—Cultural Gaps

laitman_590In the News (Israelinfo): “A study conducted recently by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), revealed one of the main causes of the ‘two-speed’ development of Israel—one foot is in the edge of the 21st century, and the other mired in inefficient old-style economy. It is the deep cultural differences between the major sectors.

“Researches investigated the abilities of OECD citizens of 29 countries on three points: mathematical literacy, reading comprehension and problem solving with the help of technical means.

“For all these measures, Israel was below the average of the OECD countries. … Israel is at the level of Chile, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Italy. …

“The highest score was achieved by men of Ashkenazi origin from the central part of Israel with parents with higher education.”

My Comment: It all the depends on the importance of education. In the Israeli branch of the Bnei Baruch organization, almost all the children go to university and graduate with a second degree even before they join the army at the age of 18!

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  1. how did they take the avarage of such things?

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