Concealed Because It Is Not Needed

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Disclosing a Portion, Covering Two”: “There are three parts to the secrets of the Torah. Each part has its own reason for being concealed.

Unnecessary: This means that no benefit will stem from its disclosing. Of course, this is not such a great loss because there is only the issue of the cleanness of the mind here, to warn of those actions defined as “so what,” meaning so what if I did this, there is no harm in it.

But you should know that, in the eyes of the sages, the “so what” is considered the worst corruptor. This is because all the destructors in the world, those that have been and those that will be, are the “so what” kind of people. This means that they occupy themselves and others in needless things.

This prohibition applies not to the wisdom of Kabbalah per se, but rather to those people who take advantage of this wisdom with bad intentions, thus confusing others instead of leading them to the goal.

Our goal is the revelation of the Creator in this world by correcting desires and bringing them to the equivalence of properties. However, some people try using Kabbalah incorrectly: they reduce it to dry scholasticism, “peddling” amulets and other “miraculous remedies” for sale, etc.

Therefore it is necessary to protect the wisdom of Kabbalah and safeguard people from confusion by either keeping this wisdom a secret for a certain period of time or by revealing its authentic essence when the time comes without deviating and inch from the goal.

This is why there is a method that is defined as an “absence of need.” After all, in order to maintain maximum purity, people have to know only a part of the wisdom that is really essential for their self-correction and for their further advancement towards the Goal of the creation. One should not know more than this.

Therefore, people should receive precise guidance and the exact amount of knowledge that has to be given to them in a correct form, the right system and adequate presentation so that they know and follow only this direction without deviating even an inch from the goal.

The unnecessary part is not only about what’s written in the sources; nobody understands what’s written there anyway. The emphasis here should be given to the method of studies, to the teacher and students, to the character and organization of the learning process, to each of its facets. There is a huge complex of conditions that form a spiritual man. For that, as in an incubator, there have to be ideal conditions maintained including numerous essential factors; if people do not violate the rules and stay under their impact, they will correctly advance.

Otherwise people just follow their nature and spin in different directions instead of going straight forward…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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