By Filling Circles, We Fill the Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanDesires that were created by the Light are equivalent to the Light, but they are of the opposite nature as reverse imprints. But their shape is identical to the shape of the Light, and therefore they are called “round.” By no means is it about a physical shape; rather, it is about their properties.

The same way the Light that constantly bestows without limits in all directions and brings good to everybody without exception—to the sinners and the righteous, to all desires in equal shares—the desires represent smooth circles made by the Light.

The circles differ from each other: a small desire or a big one, a good or a bad. But the difference between them is examined only by a “line,” direct desires that appear after the first restriction (Tzimzum Aleph) and have screens.

“A line” is a creation. “Round vessels” do not yet feel as a creation and are completely under the power of the Light. A line is a reaction of the creation, its work, its attitude to “round desires”, i.e., to what was made by the Creator.

The Creator made the world in the shape of circles, because His attitude to the world is “round,” absolutely equal. The creation’s attitude, that is, the attitude of the desire that has a screen and the reflected Light and aspires to become similar to the Creator, is a line within which the creation judges and evaluates “round” desires. The creation is not willing to remain in the state created by the Creator, in the round desire to be pleased. It wants to determine its attitude to the Creator itself, that is, to determine the desire on its own and then through it aspire to the Creator.

The creation wants to relate to the Creator through a line, but its goal is to make the line similar to a circle, so that the love and bestowal of the creation is infinite and as powerful as the Creator’s love to the creation, and even bigger! It means that the creation works with its desires only under the protection of the intention that determines to what extent the desire can be used.

The ultimate  goal is to achieve such a huge intention that it will allow the creation to bestow endlessly, to the complete wholeness of the desire. Then, the Creator and the creation, as the host and the guest, will reach complete equivalence that is called adhesion.

Round vessels (igulim) do not touch each other but connect only through direct vessels (yosher), through a line (kav),  a thin tube. The thin tube shares with the spheres and fulfills them; this is its role. The spheres express the Creator’s attitude to the creation as that of a host to a guest. A line is the creation’s “attitude.”

A line penetrates the spheres and goes through them. A sphere is unlimited desires that belong to the integrated system. That’s why they are so important for us today in this contemporary world.  Now, we begin sensing the pressure of the round vessels (igulim.) This is a problem because we want everything to be in accordance with our “straight” (yosher) benefit: I give you, and you give me; everything is egoistically straightforward in the form of “buying and selling.”

A circle means that you are open to all. The circles start approaching us; it means that the Creator is getting ready to reveal Himself in this world. We feel bad; we are going through a crisis because we have not achieved sufficient connection between the circles. We have to turn into a straight channel that will connect all spheres. Otherwise, the system around us will start to die; we, like cancer, kill it. It happens because we don’t make the “pipes,” the direct arteries between the spheres.

This is a very practical, thing. Each one of us has to become a “master installer.” Besides having the usual water pipes around, there is artform called “installation.”

Eventually, pipes have to grow so big, wide, and numerous that they will connect even the smallest spheres, and will eventually replace them. Instead of circles, there will be lines. The circles were made by the Creator as a manifestation of His attitude to us.  On our part, we have to bestow to Him through a line. Therefore, the lines have to replace circles and fill them. By filling circles, we fill the Creator!
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/11/13, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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