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Dr. Michael LaitmanComment (russian-bazaar.com): “UNESCO has added the alchemical manuscripts and theological works of Isaac Newton, stored in the National Library of the Hebrew University (Jerusalem), to the official list of the greatest spiritual treasures of mankind. …

“Newton had no wife, no children, so after his death in 1727 the entire archive of the great scientist was handed over to his nephews and kept in their homes. For decades, Newton’s heirs tried to sell the archive, sincerely believing that it should be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, like the archives of Faraday, Maxwell, and other greats. Several times the heirs frequented employees of the library of Cambridge, the British National Museum and other respected institutions who weighed the possibility of buying Newton’s papers, but after a cursory acquaintance with manuscripts they recoiled from them like the plague, and purchase conversation ended.

“In 1936, Newton’s archive was put up for auction. Here, part of the manuscripts related to the scientific alchemical researches were bought by Lord John Maynard Keynes. He later on the basis of their study published a scandalous article “Another Newton,” in which he argued that the great physicist considered himself primarily a mystic and theologian, and still believed in God, not so much in the Christian as in the Jewish sense of the word.

“After that, it became clear that what so frightened historians of science, browsing the archives of Sir Isaac Newton, was that his manuscript heritage does not jibe with the image of a materialist, a supporter of pure science, practicer, tester, and follower of theory, which was created by his biographers. Manuscripts blown this way seemed to be an attack on the shrine.

“Meanwhile, at the same auction, a large portion of the manuscripts by Isaac Newton’s heritage was bought by a certain Abraham Shalom Yehuda. …

“Yehuda was familiar with Newton’s book Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms and was hoping to find new ideas for their research in the works of genius.

“Yehuda showed the new acquisition to his friend Albert Einstein; together they decided that such a treasure should not be stored at home and in a public place, and offered it as a gift to Harvard first, then to Yale. But both of theses temples of science categorically refused to accept these manuscripts, even from the hands of the authority of Einstein. …

“In 1951, doctors told Abraham-Shalom Yehuda that he was terminally ill. By that time his views had changed dramatically – he became a staunch Zionist and therefore decided to transfer the archives of Isaac Newton to the National Library in Jerusalem.

“The library gratefully accepted the gift, but after the death of Judah, his successors began a long legal process, and as a result, the manuscript arrived in Jerusalem only in the late 60s of the last century. The study of them began only in the 1980s, and since then, several monographs on the worldview of the great physicist were published.

“In particular, it became clear that Newton had devoted a lot of time to the study of the Tanakh and Kabbalah in Hebrew and considered the model of the Temple in Jerusalem to be the model of the universe, and was confident that in the original text of the Torah, by means of encrypted secret codes with some other texts that cover the main secrets of the universe, etc. In addition, Newton tried to look behind the veil of the future, and following the Jewish mystics, calculated the date of the arrival of the Messiah, as well as predicted a number of individual things to come. In particular, on the basis of these calculations, it is claimed that in 1880 the Jews would return to the land of their ancestors, and in the 1940s, after some terrible disaster, which would kill millions of people, in the Land of Israel the Jewish state would be reborn. The coming of the Messiah will be in the year 2060.

“It is clear that for Newton, such followers of academic science was not necessary; because they recoiled from his manuscripts and legacy, they gained their last refuge in Jerusalem. The great scientist’s works are still hiding their main secrets.”

My Comment: Many more interesting facts about human history are still hidden and will be opened in its last days …

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