The Whole History of Humanity in One Phrase

202.0Comment: There is a parable about an eastern ruler who wanted to know the whole history of mankind. A sage brought him five hundred volumes. The ruler responded, “Who can read this? Put it in a concise form.”

Twenty years later, the sage returned with fifty volumes. But the king was already old, so he sent him away again.

Another twenty years passed. And the aged, gray-haired sage brought the ruler a single volume containing all the wisdom of the world. The ruler was on his deathbed and did not have time to read even one book. Then the sage told him the history of mankind in one line: “A person is born, suffers, and dies.”

Is this the history of humanity?

My Response: That is five hundred volumes, yes.

Question: Can you imagine?! All this wisdom and history, so much has been stated, and as a result we bring one line: “A person is born, suffers and dies.” Is this our world?

Answer: Of course. And we are spinning in it in order to add more and more volumes, volumes, volumes.

Question: The question is: Why be born?

Answer: Why be born? In principle, this is incomprehensible to a person. Therefore, he sees neither the beginning nor the end. He sees himself only on the animal level: the birth of an animal body, the suffering of an animal body, some pleasures of an animal body, and the death of an animal body. Nothing else.

Comment: We can’t get off the ground, so to say.

My Response: If we can’t go higher, we don’t understand the meaning.

Question: So if we cannot rise higher, then the whole history of humanity is: a person is born, suffers, and dies. And if we can rise or want to rise higher, then what becomes the history of humanity?

Answer: Then it is necessary to detach from the animal body, to rise above it, and not to live by its desires, aspirations, and so on. Then you will begin to feel what your spiritual body requires of you.

Question: What does this formula turn into? It turns out that what is born is when I rise above egoism? It is born, and then suffers, then what does it turn into?

Answer: One separates oneself from egoism, rises above it, and begins to feel nature in a different form, in bestowal, in love, and in connection and reciprocity. Not in receiving, as in the animal body, but in bestowal, as in the spiritual body.

Question: And then what does suffering turn into?

Answer: Into pleasure.

Question: So you said: “Enjoys and lives forever.” Is this the formula of real humanity?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: It is very bitter to me that our earthly formula is “born, suffers and dies.”

My Response: And without it there would be no other. We would not be able to achieve eternal form through our own efforts, our own capabilities.

Question: So there should be such an initial formula so that we attain it and want to get out of it?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: It’s been going on for millennia. Millennia, millennia, millennia.

My Response: So what?

Comment: We are writing volumes of history!

My Response: These are souls! And what is there in this history and volumes?! All this is nothing!

Question: So a person must be born to live forever, right?

Answer: Of course. I think we are already coming to this gradually.

My optimism comes from the absolute pessimism of our world. I think humanity will shake itself up, That we will not agree to live for this life.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/5/23

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