The Evolution Of Desires

laitman_738Question: Is desire the foundation of nature?

Answer: Yes. There is only one substance called desire and nothing else.

Question: According to Kabbalah, there are different levels of desires. We are built so that we see the desires of the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels outside of ourselves. Therefore, as a result, we see inanimate and vegetative nature, animals, and people. If we were built differently, would we see a completely different picture of the world?

Answer: Yes, it depends on our desires. If we were at a lower level of desires, we would find ourselves chasing mammoths, etc. It all depends on the evolution of desires.

Question: How many levels of desires do animals have?

Answer: They operate according to the same system we do because these are our desires, only on lower levels.

Remark: But they sense us even though they do not have human desires.

My Comment: Here again we have a question: do they exist by themselves or only in our imagination? After all, everything exists only with respect to one person; there is nothing else beside him. Everything else is what exists inside of him and what he sees outside of himself.

Question: What is the reason that we do not feel this?

Answer: Kabbalists gradually discover the reality we are talking about now and they describe it. Other people do not feel it because they have not reached this level. The development of a person with the help of Kabbalah leads to the fact that he begins to see the true reality in which nothing except him exists in the general white Light.

Question: That means that no one is better or worse. There is just evolution, a program set by nature. There are people who began to attain this reality a few thousand years ago and explained that there is no world outside of us. Are there those who are still in this process and will attain this in another thousand years?

Answer: Yes. This indicates that there are desires in a person that have reached their correction and the correct revelation of reality and there are desires that have not been revealed yet and have not reached the correct sensation of reality, and therefore, they present themselves to a person in the form of external people who do not yet understand this and do not agree with this.

Remark: I understand that a desire operates according to two principles: the first is the preservation of the current form, the second is attaching to itself everything that is presented to it.

My Comment: Any desire is initially egoistic; it wants to preserve itself and as much as possible bring everything it considers useful closer to itself.

Remark: Therefore, as Kabbalah says, our whole life is a search for fulfillment. Nature created desires in us and we are searching for where their fulfillment is because we cannot really fill ourselves.

My Comment: We are filled and will be filled in the form of reason, in the form of impressions, and in the form of changes, until our impressions and changes lead us to the vision of the true reality where there is nothing but our desire in which all these fluctuations occur.

We will work only to expand this desire as much as possible and thus feel in it an absolutely complete filling called the world of infinity.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 11/26/18

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