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Why Can’t We Simply Be Happy?


Comment: From the World Happiness Report 2021Scandinavian countries top ranking of the happiest nations in the world with scores ranging from mid 7’s to nearly 8 of 10, followed by Western Europe, the North and Central America, and some Asian nations.

Billions of people are living in conditions exceeding the dreams of kings 200 years ago. And they lived well.

At the same time, the rate of growth of mental disorders in these happiest countries is exponential. Depression, antidepressants, drugs, these are already common things. Suicides numbers in these countries are ten times higher than in the unhappy nations. The whole culture is saturated with a feeling of fatigue, apathy, and suffering of an individual in an oppressed world.

Question: What are people missing? It seems that there is happiness; they say they are happy. Just live your life and be happy.

Is this conclusion correct: the better off I live financially, the worse I feel internally?

Answer: The better I live financially, the more internal stress I live with.

Question: What should I do so that I can live well financially and be filled internally?

Answer: I visited the house of a man, not my student, in Amsterdam. He has access to these channels, but he comes home from work, has dinner, sits in a rocking chair, picks up a newspaper, just like 100 years ago. And there are no world problems in the newspaper, just an ordinary newspaper.

I asked a couple of questions and realized that everything was fine for him. He does not notice any disturbances in the world. They pass by him.

Nothing can be done. There are people who do not react. And you want to tell them that we need to move toward brotherhood or there will be misfortune all over the world, that we must be equivalent with nature, but he is in equivalence with nature already.

Question: So what do we want from them? In principle, they are happy people.

Answer: It is not about what we want. It is about what nature requires. We must start from there. Otherwise, they would not have been flooded.

Question: Are drugs and antidepressants requirements of nature?

Answer: Everything is a requirement of nature, and in a form not yet understood by them: where does it come from, what is being done? In general, there are a lot of problems. This is the transition period for humanity. And I hope that it will end soon.

Question: So, what is happiness?

Answer: Happiness means being in balance with general, global nature! With the still, vegetative, animate, and human beings. When you are in balance with them, then you experience a special feeling, the highest balance called happiness.

Balance with nature is when I feel myself in this huge system and I feel how I influence it and how it affects me. And we feel our interdependence. At the same time, what I feel is called happiness. Balance with nature! But nature includes a lot of additional qualities and forces that we do not yet know and will have to reveal.

Question: Which means, I am active? I cannot sit in a rocking chair, pick up a newspaper, and just pass out? Isn’t this like being dead?

Answer: It is impossible!

One neighbor will wake you up from below because there is a flood, the second neighbor from above because there is fire, and from the left and right for some other reason.

And all this is so that we can balance the entire surrounding nature with mutual relations between us, between neighbors.

Comment: I have to be active all the time. And I do not want to! I want to rock quietly in a rocking chair.

My Response: Of course. This is the tragedy of the last generation!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/29/21

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Will Banning Plastic Help Us?

738In the News (News European Parliament): “Parliament approved a new law banning single-use plastic items… .

“Member states will have to achieve a 90% collection target for plastic bottles by 2029, and plastic bottles will have to contain at least 25% of recycled content by 2025 and 30% by 2030.

“The agreement also strengthens the application of the polluter pays principle…by introducing extended responsibility for producers. This new regime will also apply to fishing gear, to ensure that manufacturers, and not fishermen, bear the costs of collecting nets lost at sea. …

“According to the European Commission, more than 80% of marine litter is plastics. The products covered by this new law constitute 70% of all marine litter items. Due to its slow rate of decomposition, plastic accumulates in seas, oceans and on beaches in the EU and worldwide. Plastic residue is found in marine species – such as sea turtles, seals, whales and birds, but also in fish and shellfish, and therefore in the human food chain.”

Question: Do you think it is possible to stop this damage with such a ban?

Answer: I do not know, and what will replace it? How do we get rid of all these plastic bags etc.?

Question: Why is it that something that is made to be so convenient is almost always harmful?

Answer: Anything that does not come in its pure form from nature is always harmful.

Question: Are you saying that all technological progress is harmful?

Answer: Of course! We still need to learn and understand all this.

Question: All this path of technological progress, technical revolutions, and all the Nobel Prizes received for them, did that harm humanity?

Answer: All of it! Everything is only in order to realize the evil in it.

Until a person correctly understands why he needs something, do not put anything in his hands! Not a little thing, not an atomic bomb.

Our whole life is only to neutralize all possible negative effects of this progress on us. We are only engaged in neutralizing its negative consequences.

All our progress is just to allow us to act egoistically as we please, to act egoistically and at the same time without suffering.

Question: When is this technological progress useful and necessary?

Answer: Only to the extent that it helps us to be in greater closeness to one another.

We have no idea where our egoism drives us when we are engaged only in it. Everything that comes from it is ultimately harmful, and in the end, it will have to be stopped. I am not in favor of suddenly giving up everything. I am talking about the general course of humanity.

Do not give up on anything. Only treat nature correctly. When you can act according to the laws of connection, kindness, love, and so on, then do it. Everything else, put aside. You will see how everything presents a different picture.

I am for reasonable progress, which consists of combining the egoistic and altruistic principles of nature and their acting together. Both the left and the right line are needed. But there must be a middle line that drives them forward.

Question: And then based on this, will the resulting process be correct? Precisely from this connection?

Answer: Yes. But somewhere on the way we jumped off this correct attitude toward nature and started a single-sided development: only for the sake of egoism.

And that is why we ruined not only ecology, but also humans.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/8/21

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Are Animals Destroying Us?

720Comment: In India, scientists have discovered a deadly virus in bats for the first time. It is transmitted both to humans from animals and from an infected person to other people. The mortality rate from the disease is 40-75%. There is no vaccine or medicine for it. (World Health Organization)

In Australia, after a drought and forest fires, a new adversity has hit the country: mice. Millions and millions of mice have entered farms and cities. They are not affected by poison, floods, or the cold weather. (The Guardian)

The most dangerous species of termites in the world has been discovered in Israel. They eat everything they come across: buildings, trees, and plastic. (The Times of Israel)

It feels like animals are attacking us today. Nature has begun to press us very hard.

Question: Can you give your comment on this?

Answer: We oppose ourselves to all the forces of nature by our relationships with each other. The most important thing is between people and generally with regard to nature, our consumeristic attitude toward it.

As a result, nature learns from us to treat us the way we treat it. There is nothing you can do about it! Is there a greater pest in our world than man?! He is the only pest! Everything else is environmentally friendly. If necessary, something eats something, but all this is within the framework of general interdependence, ecology, and so on.

Man, however, indiscriminately like a flamethrower torches everything and does what he wants.

Question: It never happened before, why is it happening now?

Answer: We have already reached the beginning of the finish line. This is the beginning of the end. The unbridled egoism of a person begins to manifest itself and in such a form that it is really impossible to restrain it.

Look at what we are doing with mutual hatred, what we are doing with weapons, armaments. Why do we need so much?! Billions and billions of tons of TNT-equivalent nuclear charges and so on. What for?! Why do we need more and more?! A person simply cannot stop.

Therefore, as a result, we violate all the equilibrium that could exist in nature and exceed this by egoistic disequilibrium by billions of times. And nature begins to react.

Question: Why precisely through animals?

Answer: They are the closest to us! Inanimate, vegetative, animate, and then human degrees. If we ourselves scramble down from the human degree to the animal degree, then we bring all our egoistic disequilibrium there. Therefore, the animate degree becomes so unbridled and irrepressible that it is also ready to devour everything.

Question: How can we understand that they are urging us to do something?

Answer: They by themselves do not urge us to anything. There is no reasonable answer there. It is an instinct that reacts to our incorrect interference in it. After all, we are breaking this entire balance at our level. When it passes to the animals, there is already such mayhem going on.

Question: You are saying that the pyramid is like this: human, animal, vegetable, and inanimate. Does it mean that we have descended from the human degree to the animal degree because of our hatred and lack of love for each other?

Answer: Instead of raising ourselves and them together with us and creating a general balance in all of nature and bringing it from this pyramidal state into a round one, so that everything complements one another, we instead lower all of nature by descending to the animalistic degree and even to the vegetative degree.

We do not want to consider anything, except our egoism. We also consider our egoism only to the extent that it is convenient for us.

Comment: You once said that humanity has already adopted some kind of round state.

My Response: We are given such a state as our goal from above, and we are completely opposite to it from below.

Question: Is the mutual interconnection of humanity, interdependence, a goal that is given to us from above?

Answer: Yes. Nature treats us as one single whole. Look, all kinds of diseases, viruses, fires, hurricanes, and so on are descending on us. All this is generally given to all of humanity and not to any particular part of it or even to one main land. Yet, we react to this absolutely one-sidedly. That is, it does not matter to us where and what, the main thing is me.

Instead, we need to react in such a way that through our correct relationships we could eventually make the world balanced and round.

Question: Who will whisper this to us? Animals will not do that.

Answer: We could whisper, but no one hears either whispers or screams. In this case it means suffering. I hope that suffering will quickly lead us to understanding, and understanding will lead to the correct decision.

Question: So that we ourselves will shorten the period of suffering?

Answer: Yes. It depends on the dissemination of the method of Kabbalah. Only it speaks about what can be done in this state in our world.

Question: To bring the world to balance?

Answer: Yes, there is no other possibility.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/28/21

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How To Fix Mistakes Not Yet Made

552.03In the News (India Today): “2020 was a bad year. This has been said enough times and accepted by most people who wouldn’t want to be reminded of the terrible year. But, nobody would have thought that a year could be so bad that it will have a dedicated game to it which is kind of fun. Yes, 2020 now has its own game 2020 game, a free web-based side scroller that offers a fun take on last year’s events. …

“Developed by Max Garkavyy, 2020 game was built over a span of six months where each level is an event to forget from last year. The game looks inspired by Super Mario where the ultimate challenge is to avoid the obstacle and reach to the end. These obstacles come in the form of wildfires, COVID-19, TikTok, the US presidential election, and the endless quarantines. …

“Almost none of us want to witness another year like 2020 where everything that could have possibly gone wrong, did. Yet, almost all of us who survived this terrible year can look back at it and be proud. And, there is no better way to revisit 2020 with a bit of fun something that is made possible by 2020 game.”

Comment: Maybe it’s worth creating such a game to go back and know in advance what mistakes not to make.

My Response: I think that’s an idea. Any game in some way shows you a possible future. You can play several options here and see how it suits you, your attitude, perception, and so on.

Question: So the leaders of Europe and Trump, for example, could think and see what mistakes they made?

Answer: The problem is that they do not know where this is going, what these laws of nature are. Their ignorance is ruining them.

Question: And if you were given such a game “2020” now, what would you personally do?

Answer: It should all be built to compel people to get closer. Imagine that we are obliged to get closer to each other. For today, you must feel closer to others so much so that you feel that you are in their life, they are in your life, that you are mixed.

Question: So it is in thoughts, in decisions, in everything?

Answer: In everything! Everything got mixed in this world. And now you have to see how close it has come, and now you have to somehow find yourself in this: “Do I want to stay in the past? No, I have to get closer! And how do I get closer? I cannot. Maybe, after all, one way or another to get around this case? Maybe, like in a game, I can buy some chips, pay for something and not do anything?”

Question: So that all these thoughts that I don’t want to get closer, but I have to, they have to live in a person all the time?

Answer: Our whole life is a game.

Question: So you would take a player and bring him to such a state?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And in all the problems: the hype with food that took place, the movements in America, the presidential elections, the only lever is the thought of closeness?

Answer: Only our closeness. As soon as we get closer, everything turns out right, even if it may not seem so to us.

Question: And what if one of the presidents were playing this game and had to make some decision?

Answer: He would make his state an exemplary stage for closeness. And then they would show the whole world that this is the way of salvation.

Question: His future is then determined and the future of the country, and even the world?

Answer: Of course. We will see in the near future that it will happen anyway.

Question: At the same time, as you say, the head should also think about the world? Is this his initial thought?

Answer: Absolutely. He should think not only about his country. And then his actions will really be set up for closeness, for connection. Everything will be very good. Just wish it would be soon!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/25/21

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Voluntary Sterilization Will Not Help

49.01In the News (The Guardian): Several Indian states are considering implementing a controversial two-child policy and incentivising sterilisation as a means of population control.

“The state of Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state with a population larger than Brazil, has announced draft legislation which would see anyone with more than two children denied state benefits, subsidies and government jobs. After a family has two children, there will also be incentives if one of the parents undergoes voluntary sterilisation.”

Question: Do you think such initiatives are correct?

Answer: We must not sterilize people like animals. People need to figure out themselves how to regulate the number of children they will have and why they do it.

Question: Are you suggesting a serious educational process?

Answer: Nothing will work without it, not laws or coercion, only creating a framework that a family would be proud of the fact that it brings up not a large number of children but rather special children.

Question: This revolution in thinking must take place by providing them with education?

Answer: Of course! And it will happen anyway. Otherwise, look at what kind of country it is! I was in India, I was in China, and I saw a big difference between people.

Question: Should it be carried out not by a bill on limiting the number of children, but by constant, structured education?

Answer: Yes.

Question: It is interesting that in Europe everything is the opposite, they have to subsidize families to have children. Yet, in countries like Africa and India, families must be subsidized to have fewer children. Why is this happening? What is this different way of thinking in people?

Answer: It is all based on religious beliefs and principles.

Question: Why does a highly educated person, let’s say, with three or four degrees, want fewer children?

Answer: He wants quality instead of quantity. He understands that the main thing is quality. He wants his descendants to be educated, to understand, know how, what, what they live for, create the right environment around them, and put their children on their feet in turn.

Question: And if people would voluntarily have many children and give them good education, is this a cultural feature? Do they do this consciously? Do you welcome this?

Answer: Of course.

Comment: Our people always had many children.

My Response: First of all, it was a small nation. Second, one did not replace the other. People were encouraged to have a large number of children, but every person, every child, at least every boy, had a teacher who educated him. The family has always been proud of the fact that its children, sons, as a rule, were educated. “Look how many pages he knows by heart!” And so on.

That is, it was like a highest ideal, a reward, approval. Everyone aspired for a child to become a sage.

They do not have that there.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/15/21

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Employment Problems

272In the News (New York Times): What will our future look like — not in a century but in a mere two decades?

“Terrifying, if you’re to believe Yuval Noah Harari, the Israeli historian and author of ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus,’ a pair of audacious books that offer a sweeping history of humankind and a forecast of what lies ahead: an age of algorithms and technology… .

“Just as the Industrial Revolution created the working class, automation could create a ‘global useless class,’ Mr. Harari said, and the political and social history of the coming decades will revolve around the hopes and fears of this new class. Disruptive technologies, which have helped bring enormous progress, could be disastrous if they get out of hand. …”

My Response: People will be replaced by machines everywhere. Today even the question is raised whether it is necessary to launch people into space. After all, 90% of the equipment in a spacecraft is necessary to support human life. What for?!

A machine will handle everything by itself. You can launch it anywhere. It will withstand any overloads, will be able to work in any circumstances, and will collect everything you need. It does not need to sleep, take tons of food with it, and take care of oxygen or anything else.

Today it is all beginning to be perceived in a completely different way. No need for these lyrics, flying somewhere, to some distant stars. A device will fly, film everything, and transmit everything.

(The Guardian): “Yuval Noah Harari examines ‘the useless class’ and a new quest for purpose

 “Most jobs that exist today might disappear within decades. As artificial intelligence outperforms humans in more and more tasks, it will replace humans in more and more jobs

“The crucial problem isn’t creating new jobs. The crucial problem is creating new jobs that humans perform better than algorithms. Consequently, by 2050 a new class of people might emerge – the useless class. People who are not just unemployed, but unemployable.”

My Response: The whole problem is in the elites that make money on these people. If the elites did not think that they constantly need more and more “pieces of paper” or gold to put somewhere, then there would be no problem getting rid of a huge number of people.

And so these people are necessary for the elite in order to earn even more. This is the whole problem: how to “make sure the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe.”

This, of course, cannot be done. So the elite’s goal is to reduce the population so that they themselves suffer no damage. I think you can already see how they are beginning to find an approach to this.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 21st century” 4/24/19

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Everyone Has Their Own Place In Society

507.04In the article “Peace in the World” Baal HaSulam writes: But in truth, the naturally strong and nimble in society benefit from the labor of others and exploit them maliciously against the attribute of truth, for they labor very little compared to the weak and lazy in society.

This is how people serve each other: I serve the one who is above me, the one below serves me, and so on, according to the hierarchy.

The only problem is whether everyone is happy with their place. Does each understand that he has nowhere else to go and that it is better for him to be satisfied with it? After all, our body constantly requires filling. There is egoism inside it that cannot be placated because it is growing all the time and requires change. This constantly confuses us. I cannot stop at any level of development. This is the source of the problem.

Comment: Nature arranged it in such a way that there are strong, domineering personalities and weak ones who are only able to serve them. In principle, by their nature, they are not capable of anything else.

My Response: Each person has his own place in society, and we must agree with this. The fact is that everything is really established in us by nature, but we can use it in different ways. The fact that people are created unequal does not mean that some are better, others are worse, or that a better place is prepared in advance for some and for others it is the opposite.

It is necessary to use everyone correctly so that everyone understands their place and is satisfied with it. As the medieval Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli wrote: “Man, do not complain at fate. Be content and accept it. Let the warrior always be brave, let the worker enjoy his labor.”
Everyone has their own place.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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Will Reparations Stop Racism?

547.05In the News (Forbes): “BET founder Robert Johnson argued Monday that ‘now is the time’ for white America to acknowledge damages resulting from slavery, and for the U.S. Government to provide reparations in the sum of a $14 trillion wealth transfer to help prevent the country from splitting into separate and unequal societies. …

“Johnson has long been an advocate pf reparations. ‘I’m not new to this challenge.’ He said he’s not advocating ‘more bureaucratic programs that don’t deliver and don’t perform,’ adding ‘I’m talking about cash. We are a society based on wealth. That’s the foundation of capitalism.’ In November of 2019, Leaders of the New Jersey’s Legislative Black Caucus introduced a bill that would establish a Reparations Task Force, which would aim to research the history of slavery within the state, any racial discrimination that stemmed from it, and how the state could help make up for it. According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted last year, 63% of Americans believe the legacy of slavery affects the position of black people in American society today either ‘a great deal or a fair amount.’

Question:  Will this put an end to racism? What can these proposals lead to?

Answer: To the end of the world. When everyone starts demanding what they supposedly deserve, even billionaires, there will be no end to it. Everyone will start whetting their appetites against one another. No, you can’t do that! It is foolish to rethink the whole of history in this way.

Question: Are you in favor of people turning this period in history around without looking back and turning it into a clean slate?

Answer: I am in favor of reinterpreting the whole of history. To reinterpret history in action, that is, in fact, we were like that under the influence of our egoistic inclination. And now, when we realize its insignificance, perniciousness, inferiority, and so forth, we are moving on to the next degree of coexistence where we will simply help each other, get closer to each other, without any complaints about the past.

Comment: Without reparations, without looking back at what happened.

My Response: It’s endless!

Question: So only such a revision of history based on egoism, right?

Answer: Yes. The past cannot be bought with money, just as the future cannot be built with this money.

Question: I see, only to understand human nature and start coming closer to one another?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Who will take the first step? It’s so clear and correct. It feels like this is how it should be!

Answer: I don’t know. Whoever will gain awareness of it.

Question: A leader who will become aware of it, right?

Answer: A leader? I don’t know. By the time he reaches leadership, he can no longer be aware of anything. He’s already bought by that same egoism.

Question: So that is a dead end?

Answer: For now, yes. But there around the bend something should open up. Say, some kind of virus or a force can appear that will lead us to the awareness of the insignificance of our nature and the need to change it. And not to correct anything by the approach, “You will pay me, and I’ll be nice.” This is not the way.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/8/21

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The Pressure Of Nature

765.1Comment: Look at what is happening in the world now. If we sort of rise above the planet and look at what is occurring, it is awful—floods, fires, disasters!

People do not want to believe that the very actions of people are beginning to destroy us. Some people think that this is some kind of punishment. The Turkish President believes that the fires in Turkey are the result of arson, etc.

But all the terrible consequences of the elements, for example, floods, are the result of the fact that a person settles in places where, in principle, he should not live. Even if he settles there, then the conditions of protection are not created because it costs money: “What if it just works out”?

That is, people themselves are often the cause of these disasters!

My Response: Logically, you may be partly right. But I would say that nature punishes us for not wanting to be organically integrated into its general background. That is why it happens.

All the problems that we stir up today, from the coronavirus to the rest of the Egyptian plagues, occur because nature pushes us out of itself. Internally it has a mind hidden from us and is no longer able to bear such an attitude toward itself.

It can only be accepted. But I think that in the end we will realize and understand this. People who are closer to nature feel that nature is intelligent and therefore it treats us this way.
From KabTV’s “Algorithms Instead of People” 8/4/21

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Changing Life For The Better

571.08Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World“: We must know that the above-mentioned law of development, which is spread over the whole of reality, is certain to reform all evil to good and useful, and acts through the power of the government of heaven above, meaning without asking permission from the people, dwellers of the earth. However, the Creator placed knowledge and authority in the hands of man and permitted him to accept the above-mentioned law of development under his own authority and government, and handed him the ability to hasten the process of development as he wishes, freely and completely independent of the boundaries of time.

There is an active inevitable law of nature in time. Everything is arranged according to a timetable and there is time for each and every event. We cannot change anything and we act according to this timetable with the same developing force that tirelessly leads us through all the phases of our development.

It is a rigid system of nature. This is how it operates and we cannot escape it; we are bound to it, like tiny insects that must act according to it. Yet, although this development is necessary and takes place accurately and on time, there is a way to hasten and to improve it, and this depends on us.

We develop according to the plan in any case, like a train that moves from one point to another and must reach its destination. We can hasten our arrival at the last station and feel much better during our journey than if we participate in the process unconsciously and move and change not knowingly. Of course, we would perceive the final phase differently.

We would attain it and reach the same outcome anyway, but we would go through all kinds of conflicts along the way, we would fall and rise, quarrel and undergo disasters in every aspect of our lives. But it can also be the opposite way, by acting comfortably and feeling that we are led through this whole way like in a dining car.

On the whole, the wisdom of Kabbalah provides us with only one solution. If you want to advance no matter how, you can leave everything and not hear anything, return to your life and carry on together with everyone else, in unity with the whole globe, as long as it revolves.

But if you want to change your life for the better, while advancing toward the attainment of the goal of creation in which your place has already been determined, where everything has already been determined, and advance toward it consciously, wisely and quickly, you can do it with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

That makes all the difference! This is our choice.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/14/19

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