Don’t Scream “No!” Standing At The Threshold

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When a person receives a blow from the Creator, he or she can logically understand that it is beneficial to them. But we live by our sensations and hence should move on from mental comprehension to an authentic feeling that it is truly for our own good. How does this transition occur?

Answer: You discover that the Creator does not send you blows. It is not a blow really; it’s just that the Creator awakens you since He loves you and wishes to bring you to the most beneficial state.You find that the Creator did it intentionally so as to raise you a bit above your egoism that you are residing in and that He doesn’t have an alternative.

Suppose you are lying unconscious and need to be revived, brought back to life. Obviously, when you are waking up and returning to consciousness, you feel bad and are suffering from wounds since you lost consciousness while being in critical condition. Now you are being revived. The doctors rejoice: “The patient is back!” But what’s to be happy about? Now he is screaming, hurting, and suffering…. Wouldn’t it be best to leave him unconscious? Certainly not!

Now you understand where it hurts and why. Now you must only create the right attitude to this suffering in you: “I am hurting where I lack the correct connection with the Creator. He is waking me up, wishing for us to love each other at the first step to affinity: my first spiritual degree.

From this degree, He radiates His attitude to me, illuminates me with His Light. And I sense this first spiritual step in its various manifestations as a bad state since my ego cannot bear this state of bestowal, love of others, the connection outside of me. I experience darkness, evil, and pain. I don’t desire it!”

True! I am aware that I don’t want it, that I feel bad. Who is giving this state to me? The Creator is. Why does He? He points out to me that if now I make an effort to rise above my feelings and switch my attitude to the one desired by the Creator, which He is demonstrating to me, then we will come in touch. And this must occur!

But you seem to be refusing: “No, it hurts! Take it away from me! I don’t need suffering or reward! I don’t want anything!” Well, if you don’t, you don’t; what can one do…

What can the Creator do? At any rate, He has plans for you. He understands that you are a fool, so He goes “around” you: He gives you all kinds of suffering and problems in life outside of any connections with Him, when you don’t understand or feel that it is He who is waking you up. He pulls on and stings you from every direction and arranges troubles, misfortunes, and problems for you.

Thus He exhausts you and then gives you a wake-up call so you may remember Him: “I see… There is the Creator. Perhaps, my problems are justified. Maybe, it’s for my own benefit.”At this point you change your attitude. Sufferings soften the flesh, and you are willing to bear more.

Then He sets before you the same conditions of the first degree of adhesion with Him once more, and this time your attitude is different to it. Frankly, it isn’t very convenient and doesn’t feel that good. It’s unpleasant, but we can bear it. You start to understand now that the encounter with the Creator is above pleasant sensations inside your ego and you must rise above your pleasant animate feelings.

You already possess a certain amount of tolerance and willingness to suffer. And then you begin working with the help of the group. You no longer scream: “No!” while on the threshold. You know that you have a group, the environment; you see that the Creator still hasn’t abandoned you and that you are still bonded with Him by the covenant.

You start employing the entire environment that He has arranged for you in life as the means for you to rise above your perception and start building relationships by using the mind, based on the analysis of “truth or falsehood” instead of “bitter or sweet.”

This is a discernment of a human rather than of an animal: “How should I build my relationship with the spiritual degree so that I rise above my bad sensation and don’t perceive it as such? I can’t help it; it’s necessary for me if I wish to be connected to the Creator.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/1/2011, Baal HaSulam’s Letter 19

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