The Task of Each Person

630.2Question: Why does Kabbalah say that every person should change himself? If we are all one common system, let Kabbalists change everything.

Answer: How can I change you? You have your own egoism, your own qualities; I have my own, and I have no power over you. Every person must reach this state, and everyone can and must ultimately control their own fate. That’s when he will reach an understanding of a common idea, a common thought.

Question: So Kabbalah gives a person the opportunity to become the master of his own destiny and not just predict some events?

Answer: Kabbalah does not make predictions at all. This is exactly what is forbidden in Kabbalah, because you go deeper into predicting the future, instead of changing yourself so that this future will be good.

Question: So, in principle, predictions change nothing?

Answer: Of course. This is just a game, and therefore Kabbalah forbids it.

But there is immortality! And it is very easy to reach this degree. I invite everyone.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Secrets of Immortality” 1/7/11

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