Will Messing’s Predictions Come True?

963.6In the News (ordonnews.com): “The famous fortuneteller and medium Wolf Messing made the following prophecies about the events of the 21st century:

  • Russia will go through difficult times and will be at odds with the whole world over territory near its southern border. It is now clear that Crimea has become this stumbling block.
  • After 2021, the Great Prophet will appear in Russia and create a global religion that can unite all of humanity. This will allow him to establish a world order in which there will be no struggle for power, wars and corruption.”

Question: After reading this, naturally, I thought about us. Science, which speaks about the unification of the world, is here. Why not give it a chance, and in the year 2021 reveal it for everyone? All it talks about is unification. Are we ready to roll out like this in the year 2021?

Answer: I personally am ready now if it were up to me. But it depends on many other factors. First, there should be no such fierce resistance in the world to what Kabbalah talks about: unification.

People should be disappointed with what they have. We cannot (as the Soviets have done) forcibly roll out the methodology of war, communism, or whatever you wish to call it.

We should only do it in a way that is convenient, helpful, and appealing to people. Otherwise, it can only be done by bloody means. Perhaps it will be done this way. We read a lot about what will happen in the time of the Messiah: huge, bloody wars, murders, and other things. But I don’t want to delve into these details.

Question: It is not possible to enforce?

Answer: No! Of course not. People will try to break out of their egoistic, cruel, terrible shells. But there is no place for Kabbalah here.

Once they sober up from all these things and their egoism simply gives up and raises its hands, then it will be possible to explain to them what nature really requires of us—unification, rapprochement above our egoistic rejections. Then it will be possible to do something.

Will this happen in the year 2021? For me, it could happen tomorrow. It all depends on the general state of events, as they say.

Question: So you’re saying that a person should be discouraged by loneliness, selfishness, and by living for himself? And only then will he ask: give me something to?

Answer: Yes. We are witnessing a new generation emerging for whom our past ideals hold no importance.

Question: Yes, they don’t want careers; they don’t care to work hard to move up the career ladder; they do not even want to earn very much money. Pizza, cola, sitting in front of the computer…

But are you sure that, one way or another, some generation will definitely have the need for the method of connection?

Answer: They do not see the meaning in life, and it is very difficult, even impossible, to exist without it. They will be looking for it. And they will understand that you get there through connection because all other practical methods have already been exhausted.

Question: Is it important for you to use the word “Kabbalah”?

Answer: No! Absolutely not! Nor should we use it. These stigmas—people are negatively predisposed to them, they would start pulling materials on Kabbalah from all kinds of sources. It will only confuse people.

Question: They don’t need to have this term in mind as long as they do want to reach this connection?

Answer: It could be someone completely unrelated to us, as if they’re not affiliated with us, a person or a group of people who will develop and promote it.

Question: But what should they have in mind besides what you say—unification?

Answer: Nothing else!

Question: This is how we reach similarity with the law of nature: harmony?

Answer: Of course! Harmony! Harmony in relationships. This is what nature requires. After having gone through everything, we certainly can demand it intentionally.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/20/20

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