Can a Kabbalist Change the Future?

222Question: Can a Kabbalist reveal any state?

Answer: A Kabbalist can not only reveal states, but also change them, unlike such people as Wolf Messing.

A Kabbalist can change the future because he has the ability to change his properties, and he thereby gains the ability to transfer the perception of future states from undesirable to desirable ones.

He is able to change future events because they depend on his properties as a receiver of a common thought, and in this thought, everything exists in an amorphous, free form, not dressed in anything. What shape it will take—will it dress in good or bad actions—depends on the matter itself.

Therefore, if we can change this matter, our desires, then the thought that should be modularly clothed in it, in what form we will feel it, depends on our properties. Thus, the Kabbalist does not change the very thought that comes to him.

In other words, the future must definitely be fulfilled, but how it will be expressed in relation to me, good or evil, depends on my properties, and I can change them. That is, I can change myself as a receiver.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Secrets of Immortality” 1/7/11

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