The Whole Universe Is A Manifestation Of The Names Of The Creator

239Question: It is said: “He and His name are one.” He is the highest power, the Creator. And what is the name?

Answer: His name is the state between us in which the Creator will manifest Himself. It is called a name because in this way we begin to understand and feel Him. In the same way as you understand a person when you talk about him, call him by name. After all, you can feel him.

Question: Every time we build a certain connection, does the Creator manifest and we give Him that name?

Answer: Yes. Therefore, we say: “So-and-so, so-and-so,” that is, we give Him different names. This is why it is said that the Creator has many names. Practically the entire universe is just the names of the Creator, His manifestations.

Question: So, all the words in the Torah are His names. Is the name a manifestation of the Creator in the connection between us?

Answer: Everything that is written in the Torah is a manifestation of some feelings and properties between people, the purpose of which is to achieve a correct, good relationship with each other. Then they feel, they manifest the Creator between themselves, and write about it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States. He and His name are One” 5/24/21

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