Understanding The Essence Of The Names Of The Creator

261Question: When we talk about the upper force, we only use one word: the Creator, which is to say the one who creates. Is it possible to understand the essence of all of His names?

Answer: I would not recommend dealing with this now because the names of the Creator are directly related to the degrees of a person’s attainment. It is because the soul, by ascending through the levels of the spiritual world, receives different names, definitions, and codes in each one of them.

It is similar to someone serving in the army and receives ranks: sergeant, lieutenant, colonel, major, general, etc., and each one of the levels indicate the advancement of the person. Here too, the person calls the Creator by different names according to the levels of his attainment. It is no more than that.

Revealing the Creator and giving Him different names—the good who does good, cruel, stubborn, helpful—you indicate His properties that you reveal.

And in Him, all of His properties are in one simple form: only in order to raise and delight the creatures. But you reveal them one by one and you call Him by different names. Thus, these are not names of the Creator but how a person feels the Creator. It is just like when a child calls his mother a bad mother because she scolded him today for some offense he committed. But is she really bad?

So, we cannot attribute these words, names, and appellations to the Creator Himself but only to what a person feels as a result of his still yet uncorrected state. When we attain the Creator completely, then He will be only the good that does good.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/24/19

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