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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator is now showing us a common, integral, and perfect system, where everyone is connected to one another: in economics and in everyday life, in consumer goods and in everything. This system is so tightly bound and all of its parts are so completely interconnected that we can’t change anything inside it, regardless of how hard we try to influence it. On the other hand, any interference or attempt to change this system on our part leads to its negative reaction, all in order to properly direct us towards attaining the Creator’s mind.

We must do all kinds actions within ourselves in order to bring ourselves into conformity with this system. This upper system is exactly the system of the mind and emotions; it is the program that the Creator shows as Himself. It is the system of mutual guarantee, love towards the other, and common bestowal, a system of the mind of the Creator.

And we must become like Him, bringing all of our qualities closer and closer to full correspondence with this system, until we see ourselves included and merged with it and this process, which must take place without any difference between us. This means that we reach full integration with the “acting mind.”

In this process we reach the mind, feeling, and knowledge of the Creator, His height. By becoming similar to the upper system, to connections among all of its elements, we build our common soul—a special society. And as a result, we suddenly reveal ourselves as being merged with the Creator in our qualities.

The Creator’s qualities are the first nine Sefirot projected in Malchut. Malchut is our desire to receive, which becomes similar to the Creator by attaining these first nine Sefirot and adopting their qualities.

The Creator presents Himself through these first nine Sefirot. Hence by mimicking and imprinting this matrix in Malchut of our desire, we build ten Sefirot of the Reflected Light from below upward, as a response to the ten Sefirot of the Direct Light coming from above down. By that we become fully equal to the Creator.

The imprinting of Malchut, these ten Sefirot split into “613” individual desires, meaning corrections or commandments, and seven additional commandments called “de Rabanan,” which is a particularly high spiritual level (GAR of a degree). On the way towards a complete adhesion with the Creator, we reveal different Lights corresponding to the corrected desires and thus each time reveal ever new names of the Creator, meaning the way He is revealed in our desires. The name of the Creator is a form of His revelation.

By building new spiritual degrees (Partzufim), we create matrices of HaVaYaH, where the Creator is revealed, filling them with the Light, meaning with various fillings: “Aleph” (Hassadim) or “Yod” (Hochma). Thus, the names of the Creator are revealed to us through TANTA (letters, points, and crowns above letters).

Then we see that by making corrections upon ourselves, we study the whole text of the Torah: from the first word “Beresheet” (in the beginning), until the last word “Israel.” All the words with all of their fillings (points, that is, Lights), in the same sequence as it is written in the Torah, all of these states go through our desire to receive, acquiring the form of these letters and words.

Thus we gradually correct ourselves, until we attain the acting mind as a result of this process. And then the Torah, the Creator, the upper Light, the corrected creature, the holy names, and the 620 actions of correction called 620 commandments, all merge into one.

For this reason, the Creator created the entire process in order for us to fully attain Him and reach His degree. And this means: “To bring contentment to the created beings.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/2011, “The Acting Mind”

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  1. I really enjoy giving to others and making them feel good because of it. Why is it that if I were to give to get something in return, it feels as if I am corrupting the spirit of it or dragging it down into a depressing calculation? And, why is it, that it actually seems it’s a lot more work to give and calculate to get something in retun than to just give for the sake of giving? It’s way more work to sit around and think about how I’m going to get something back, how I can manipulate or exploit something to my advantage, etc. Than it is just to give and expect nothing in return. Call me lazy, but doing the math on it, it’s just way more effort and time and energy to work egoistically at something to get something in return than it is to just give.

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