No One Will Be Unemployed

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Unemployment is rising around the world. It’s also affecting our friends from different groups and regions….

Answer: The world does not understand what disaster it’s facing. Soon half the population will be left without a job. And for this reason the first point of our proposed solution is to stop viewing unemployment as a catastrophe, which needs to be dealt with so everyone can get back to working 10-15 hours a day. Instead, everyone needs to work enough to provide one another with food, clothes, and other basic goods.

We are entering a time, a period, when we can forget everything there was before. We need to switch our minds to the new regime because it’s impossible to return to the old one. Very soon we will only need to care for the most necessary things. The next wave will wash over the entire world like a tsunami, and we’ll need to make a simple economic calculation: What we need to produce to provide us with more or less normal basic conditions and nothing else.

In other words, this means that we need to maintain balance with nature. The upper governance will not allow us to do whatever we want, just like it doesn’t allow a wolf in the woods to stock up several month’s cache of prey in order to feel secure about its future. The world will change dramatically, and the Creator will force us to live with so called “faith”: If everyone takes care of each other, things will go well, and if they do not, we have famine, destruction, and wars.

The calculation will be simple: We only work to provide everyone with the necessities, and nothing more than that, nothing in excess, no saving for the future or “rainy day money.” Naturally, this does not mean that everyone is wearing hand-me-downs or is half starving. We have simply forgotten what a normal life is, how life was 200-300 years ago.

And this is why unemployment is not the problem; it is simply the way that humanity is ridding itself of extra activities that only destroy and contaminate Earth. “Unemployed” is the wrong term. This refers to people who finally stop doing useless things. Now they need to start studying, and this will become the most important job along with unity and dissemination, while manufacturing will be reduced to life’s necessities.

People should not hope for the direction to change. More people will be losing work instead of finding it. We need to change our attitude towards life, and then we’ll see that those who have lost work are not unemployed. Having rid themselves of extra work that harms everyone, they are ready to take on a real job: correction. This is what it means to “serve the Creator.”
From the Talk on the Economic Situation in the World 10/20/2011

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  1. Thank you very much for giving sense s our lives. We are so locked in our ego that we are unable to see that everything is targeted for our good.

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